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Daniel Landau
Portrait of Daniel Landau
Photographer: Ben Hertzog
Born 1973
Jerusalem, Israel
Nationality Israeli
Known for Media Art, Video Art, Installation
Movement Israeli art

Daniel Landau (born 1973) is an Israeli Media Artist, video and installation artist.


Daniel Landau is a multidisciplinary artist, engaging in performance, video and installation work. He completed his second degree in new-media and music-composition at the Royal Conservatory in The Netherlands where he lived and worked for almost a decade. Daniel’s work typically uses multi-layered processes of research, documentation and mediamatic exploration – investigating the interchangeable qualities between documentary and abstraction. His work has been presented in major venues, museums and festivals worldwide among others: Tel Aviv, New-York, Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, Hungary and Mexico.



2011 Community-Art Award from The Israeli Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport

2009 Hamburg Symphony Orchestra selection for the creation of ‘From the Canyons to the Stars’ video installation

2003 Theater Maker magazine selection - performance of the year

2001 FAPK artistic research funding


New York Times Review

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