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Daniel Behan McQuaid continues to be rewarded by the opportunity to be a positive and effective educational influence in young people’s lives. A longtime teacher of World History and American History at a local public school, Behan takes his position as an educator seriously, as he knows that the work he is doing know is helping to shape the leaders of tomorrow.

Early Life and Education[edit]

Daniel Behan McQuaid is an experienced professional educator at Elijah Parish Lovejoy Middle School, a public education institution located in the community of Rochester, New York. A teacher of American and world history for the past 25 years, McQuaid is known for his unwavering commitment and dedication to the profession and to the institution itself.Daniel Behan, who is originally from Akron, Ohio, earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in education from the University of Rochester, where he completed his student tenure in 1998. He pursued and earned his professional teaching certificate shortly after earning his Master’s in Childhood Education, and served as a substitute teacher throughout the district for several years before accepting a full-time teaching position with his current institution.

Early Career[edit]

Principal, named Associate Vice President for Curriculum Development in 2006, Honorary Member of the NYS Board of Regents Emeritus in 2002, Workshop Leader Extraordinaire on topics such as bench-marking, enrollment for 2015 and beyond, "Common Core: Far More than a Necessary Evil", Quarter-finalist for Teacher of the Year Award for New York State, Named "Leader among Leaders" by ASCD, the Association for Curriculum Development, Named "Most Distinguished Alumnus" of Le Moyne College's class 1985, Author of book "Great to Masterful: Private/Charters Need Not Surpass Public Schools," Bid-War Press, 2013.

Personal Life[edit]

McQuaid, a married father of two children, has always had a passionate interest in the subject of history, as well as an innate ability to educate and teach others. His interest and his skill, some would say, make him a natural at what he does, and has helped establish him as one of the most veteran, recognized and respected members of the Lovejoy faculty.Daniel Behan McQuaid is not only as a dedicated middle school history teacher, but also as someone who is constantly active and involved in the local community. A devoted tutor for Turn the Page, a literacy advocacy organization, as well as a local group that ensures proper nutrition for in-need children, McQuaid is has shown a demonstrable commitment to and compassion for the needs of children throughout the region, particularly those coming from families without the means to such important basics, such as regular meals and educational opportunity.


  • Racquetball Player.
  • Golf.

When Daniel Behan isn’t busy teaching or volunteering, he is an adamant sailor, someone who can often be found aboard his very own 60 foot sailboat in one of the many local lakes in the Rochester area. He is also a skilled racquetball player, a former high school athlete and a member of the Oak Hill Country Club, where he can be found occasionally playing a round of 18 with old friends.

Current Occupation[edit]

Professional Teacher.