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Daniel C. Boyer

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Born in Hancock, Michigan, USA November 2nd 1971. Lives in Manhattan, New York, USA

I am a surrealist painter in fingerpaints, gouache (sometimes diluted with rainfall,[1], sweat or Coca-Cola (including on aluminum foil, carbon paper, cardboard, cork, papyrus, photo paper,[2] rubber, sandpaper, styrofoam and Yupo paper)); acrylic; oil; watercolour; automotive paint; Cinnamint breath drops, new car smell and red wine stain remover; photographer (including Polaroids and those taken in a photo booth); cartoonist and maker of chocolate coulages; cubomanias; depliages; drawings with bank pen, blood, coloured pencil, crayon, Crayola Color-Reveal Markers, erasable highlighter and dry highlighter, exploding pen, lint remover, lip balm, Listerine and insect bite relief stick, pen (including antimicrobial counter pen, ballpoint pen, cheater's pen, counterfeit pen, disco pen, exploding pen, Zig Memory System Dotta·Riffic pen, four-color pen, invisible ink pen,[1] non-permanent and dry erase markers, mood changer markers, permanent marker, Rainbow Magic pen, and yes-know pen), sandstone, Tide and wart remover on (among other surfaces) the condensation on a mirror,[2] paper cut from a security envelope, banana paper, Crayola Color Wonder paper, Crayola Color Explosion Rainbow Color Reveal paper, flannel, foam-core board, a printed magazine page, toilet paper, paper with staples; stencils; fax art; works involving chewing gum and digital artworks, both screen-based and printed (via laser printer, for example). My proposal for sculpting a bust of Septimus Severus from cocaine was published in Brumes Blondes. I have signed a drawing with Post-it® Flags. I have used whiteboard. I have employed such surrealist methods as grattage and parsemage and my surrealist object "The Blue Fetish", is made of a PVC trap painted with gouache inside which is a chocolate-coated espresso bean and decaffeinated coffee bean. I have made two films, The Dead Man and The Erotic Life of the Eskimo, a watch in honour of An Jung-geun (published by Idealist Press International, Ltd.), a a computer desktop design and a bumper sticker.

I am the author of what is perhaps the first book entirely in the webdings font, The Peloponnesian Snows, and an exclusively large-print book published by Idealist Press International, Ltd., What Snow Disrupts. One of my drawings, "The Breakfast Club," were published in Surrealist Subversions, edited and introduced by Ron Sakolsky. I was a contributor to the Treatise of Pataphysical Anatomy, published by SpiderWeb Productions. I am the author of The Tailgating Spinster (published in 2003 by Fiji Island Mermaid Press). I designed the back cover for Psycho magazine.

I was an artist in residence at the Marquette Arts and Culture Center.

I have also been active in mail art, and have designed artistamps. Since 2002 I have served as the Chief Executive Officer of the International Union of Mail Artists. I have been named an Academical Knight of Verbano by the Ordine Accademia Internazionale <<Greci-Marino>>.

My bookplate was exhibited at the Ex Libris exhibit at the HUB Gallery in Geelong, Victoria, Australia.

When I attended Colorado College I worked on the Catalyst and wrote a review of an exhibit by Alexandra Nechita. I also designed a poster for the screening of L'Age d'Or there.

I received a BA from Curry College, where I took a class in Digital Imaging: Photoshop (AC 2738), two of the computer graphics I made in partial fulfillment of the requirements of which were The Scalpeles History White-clothed Like a Dove and with Three Owls.

In 1997 I curated the "Surrealism: Books, Objects, Posters and Pamphlets from Four Continents" exhibit at the East Library and Information Center in Colorado Springs. In 2003 I signed a petition protesting the pending sale of the contents of Andre Breton's studio at 42 rue Fontaine in Paris.

I have signed collective surrealist statements including "For Tyree Guyton" and "POETRY MATTERS!: On the Media Persecution of Amiri Baraka."

Blue Feathers SE2, a special edition on the events of September 11, 2001 published my illustration including thread and an icecube.

I am a grandson of Carl Benjamin Boyer and in 2012 married artist and gallerist Sílvia Soares Boyer.

In case there is any relevance to the articles in question, I am the maker of the pen-and-ink Portrait of Chairman Gonzalo] and the pen-and-ink and invisible ink drawing Tribute to Lori Berenson.


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