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This page belongs to a talk given as part of the Wikipedia Science Conference in London.


Wikimedia and scholarly communication


There are multiple ways in which Wikimedia platforms interact with scholarly communications. This talk will zoom in to the interface of the two, both on a technical and a community level. It will highlight how content finds its way from scholarly communications into Wikimedia projects and sometimes vice versa, how data, metadata, software, infrastructure and the workflows of people and bots fit into the picture.

In the spirit of openness, the talk is editable and being developed in public at, from where it will also be held. Feedback of any kind - e.g. suggestions, questions, or reports of past interactions with Wikimedia - is most welcome. A video recording of a similar talk given at CERN some years back is available via .


Warmup: show of hands[edit]

An impression from the talk. Note the clock.

This data was recorded live and then got lost during the saving process due to connectivity issues. Some of it could be reconstructed from the audio recording.

  • Number of people in the audience?
  • Who has ever written a research article that finally got published?
  • Who has ever written a research article that finally got published under an open license?
  • Who has ever reviewed a research article?
  • Who has ever signed their review of a research article?
  • Who has ever used research datasets or scientific software published by others?
  • Who has ever contributed to research datasets or scientific software published under an open license?
  • Who has ever been scooped?
  • Who has ever read a Wikipedia article (in any language)?
  • Who has ever contributed to a Wikipedia article (in any language)?
  • Who has ever published their research on Wikiversity?
  • Who has ever contributed to Wikidata?


Logos of Wikimedia projects, with Wikidata missing. Counterclockwise, starting on top: Wikimania, Wikibooks, Meta-Wiki, Wikiquote, Wikispecies, MediaWiki, Wikimedia Incubator, Wikivoyage, Wikidata, Wikiversity, Wiktionary, Wikinews, Wikisource, Wikimedia Commons, Wikipedia.


Wikimedia about publishing[edit]

Wikimedia and Open Access[edit]

Wikimedia and subscription access[edit]

Publishing about Wikimedia[edit]

Wikimedia about publications about Wikimedia[edit]

Journal ↔ wiki publishing[edit]

Circular Permutation in Proteins - journal.pcbi.1002445.pdf Screenshot of Circular permutation in proteins after rewrite through PLoS Comp Biol.png Dengue fever - a Wikipedia clinical review 562-4627-1-PB.pdf
Bliven, S.; Prlić, A. (2012). Wodak, Shoshana (ed.). "Circular Permutation in Proteins". PLoS Computational Biology. 8 (3): e1002445. doi:10.1371/journal.pcbi.1002445. PMC 3320104. PMID 22496628., CC BY Wikipedia: Circular permutation in proteins, CC BY-SA A journal article whose text corresponds to this version of the Wikipedia article Dengue fever, CC BY-SA. Extension of this scheme through peer review by BMJ — see unconference session by Anthony Cole.

Overview Commentary

Publishing beyond papers[edit]

See also talk by Stefan Kasberger.


Citing journals in wiki[edit]

See also talks by Dario Taraborelli and Geoff Bilder.

Citing wiki in journals[edit]


Reusing journal materials in wiki[edit]

Open Access Media Importer[edit]

An example of open science - from the grant proposal to all outputs.

Reusing wiki materials in journal[edit]


Curating via Wikimedia[edit]

See also the talks by Alex Bateman and Darren Logan.

Role of repositories[edit]

  • Interoperability
    • is key to reuse
    • requires standardization



Long-term vision[edit]

Sharing research with the world as soon as it is recorded, in a way that is integrated with research workflows rather than added on top of them (cf. Geoffrey Bilder's talk). Now imagine this with open licenses and public version histories as the default setting. Video also available on Vimeo.

Wikidata for research[edit]

Listen to a recording of a talk based on the links in this section.