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Welcome you all to my user page. My name is Daniel and I am from Madrid, Spain. I live in SSRR, a city next to the capital. I am interested basically in languages and Mathematics. I have a good reading level of English, but I have to improve vocabulary and listening. I sometimes listen to BBC World and FOX. I have studied English for a lot of years and French for four years, and would like to speak Latin and Greek. At High School I am studing Medical Sciences (maths, biology & geology, phisics & chemistry). Now I am at university, studing a physics grade. I have been in Wikipedia since December 2005 and now I have accounts in 16 different languages and one in Wikimedia Incubator

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Suffer Well
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John the Revelator

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San Sebastián de los Reyes




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My page in ancient greek: Δανιέλ

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