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Daniel Willems is a 7th grade student at heritage glen public school in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. He is in mr. Burrows's class and has a reputation for being wacky. His best friends are Nick and Adam, both of which share his wackyness. Some notable characteristics of him are:

-he doesn't know how to tie his shoes

-he's a vegetarian (take THAT texas!)

-he has the same birthday as Slipknot percussionist Shawn Crahan (the evil looking clown dude, easily the coolest member of the band) which is September 24

-he was born in Holland

-a hardcore atheist, he has a piczo site which deeply insults religion

-his favourite band is NOFX

Remember kids, he is going to be famous one day so remember his name so that one day when he is you can say "I once read a Wikipedia article on him in 2007!" He is currently 12 years old, though on his tagged acount he says he is 13. In the world of Bizarro he is though so who really cares.