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Corwin at Elephant Point Kotzebue Sound

Some useful resources[edit]


  • Corps of Engineers dead or nearly so, kept for reference; can be reached thru Corps of Engineers mainpage.

Maps and place names[edit]

  • Office of Coast Survey. "Bering Sea nautical charts". Historical map and chart project. Office of Coast Survey, NOAA, USA.  Query title keyword; select preview for year wanted. Click desired location to enlarge and center.


  • United States Coast Guard, Historians Office.
"Eighteenth, Nineteenth & Early Twentieth Century Revenue Cutters. A Historic Image Gallery"
("Coast Guard Cutters & Craft: A complete list with information & photography".


  • Social Security Death Index (Social Security Administration) at Rootsweb
  • Washington digital archives. [1]

Beluga and calf

Articles I've been involved with[edit]

Intitated and principal author[edit]

Olaf Swenson

USRC Thomas Corwin (1876)

Christian Theodore Pedersen

Cordova Bay

William F. Badè

Initiated - collaborative effort[edit]

Providence Bay, Siberia

Stubs started[edit]

Canadian Arctic Expedition 1913-1916

Salmon River (Kobuk River)

Major additions or rewrites[edit]

Carlile Pollock Patterson

Displacement chromatography

Ernest de Koven Leffingwell

King & Winge (fishing schooner)

USC&GS Carlile P. Patterson

Richardson Clover

USC&GS Yukon (1873)



Cape Corwin

Charles Dwight Sigsbee

Cape Dezhnev

William Healey Dall


Gulf of Anadyr

Herald Island (Arctic)

Ivan Petrof (explorer)

HMCS Karluk

List of Arctic expeditions

Ejnar Mikkelsen

Nunivak Island

Orca Bay, Alaska

Orca Inlet

P. G. Downes

Project Chariot

Snow Crash

Susan Butcher

Last voyage of the Karluk

Will the Circle Be Unbroken?

Wrangel Island


"Ice cliffs" (permafrost cliffs) on the Kobuk river - engraving from Cantwell's report

In progress

/Washington Vanderlip

Enhancements to Israel Russell

/Calvin L Hooper

/Kobuk ecology


/William O. Pruitt

/Marcus Baker

/SS Portland

/USRC Lincoln