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State Route 121 marker

State Route 121
Route information
Maintained by ODOT
Length 42.60 mi (68.56 km)
Existed 1924 – present
Major junctions
South end SR 121 near New Paris
North end SR 47 near Russia
Counties Preble, Darke, Shelby
Highway system
SR 120 SR 122

State Route 121 is a 42.6-mile (68.6 km) northeast–southwest state highway in the western part of the U.S. state of Ohio. It connects the cities of Versailles and Greenville to Richmond, Indiana. Since State Route 47 was re-routed to go south into Russia, its northern terminus is at the point where 47 turns to go south and follows the former route of 47 into Versailles. Route 121 then rejoins 47 just south of the railroad and is concurrent with 47 through the eastern part of Versailles. At Center Street, Route 121 turns south and is concurrent with State Route 185 until they intersect Marker Road, where Route 121 turns southwest and goes into Greenville. It is concurrent with State Routes 49 and 571 through parts of Greenville. Then 121 goes south through the towns of New Madison and New Paris. Route 121 makes a western turn in New Paris at its junction with State Route 320. It continues about 1-mile (1.6 km) until it reaches the Indiana border and becomes Indiana State Road 121. Indiana Route 121 continues on to meet up with U.S. Route 27 and Indiana State Road 227 in the north part of Richmond.

Highway Junctions[edit]

OH-47.svg OH 47 near Russia

OH-47.svg OH 47 concurrent in Versailles

OH-185.svg OH 185 concurrent in Versailles

OH-242.svg OH 242 near Versailles

US 127.svg US 127 near Greenville

OH-118.svg OH-502.svg OH 118, OH 502 in Greenville

OH-49.svg OH-571.svg OH 49, OH 571 concurrent in Greenville

US 36.svg US 36 near Greenville

OH-503.svg OH 503 near Wayne Lakes

OH-726.svg OH 726 in New Madison

OH-320.svg OH 320 in New Paris

Indiana 121.svg IN 121 at the Ohio-Indiana Border

State Route 47 marker

State Route 47
Route information
Maintained by ODOT
Length 106.00 mi (170.59 km)
Existed 1933 – present
Major junctions
West end SR 32 in Union City
East end OH-98.svgOH-423.svg SR98, SR423 in Waldo
Counties Darke, Shelby, Logan, Union, Delaware, Marion
Highway system
SR 46 SR 48

Ohio State Route 47 is a state highway running from the Indiana border at Union City to Waldo, about ten miles (16 km) south of Marion. In Bellefontaine, State Route 47 follows the path of different streets (even though neither are one-way) from Main Street and Sandusky Avenue to the intersection just north of Mary Rutan Hospital, about one-half mile north of the Main-Sandusky intersection. The westbound portion of State Route 47 goes down Main, while the eastbound portion goes north on Madriver Street during this stretch. Nobody really knows why the route was designated this way when none of the streets involved are one-way. It was State Route 68 until 1933, when U.S. Route 68 was commissioned. Since both roads run through a common county in Ohio (Logan), and also since there is a rule that there can be no Ohio State Routes with the same number as US highways within Ohio, the number was changed to 47.