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If you hit my sig wanting to talk to me, please go here, the link is hidden at the end of my sig.

You didn't come here to shout at me? Okay. What to write on my user page then? Er, well once upon a time anyone who stopped here would have found it stuffed with whatever articles I'm working on that isn't already in my often overcrowded Sandbox(es). The second sandbox should have resolved that. So assuming you can actually read this, what am I about? Well, I like music so you'll often find my sticky fingers in articles about that. Ditto cars and video games. Too blokey? I also like to contribute stuff about my local area (in my case Kent). Local is something that I think that every wikipedian should have half an eye to - if the ones who are there don't tell the story then who will? Some things are global and can be easily contributed to by anyone anywhere, but the little details can "fall through the cracks" for future researchers if those on-the-ground as it were don't ensure that it's here, and that's what an encyclopedia should be about after all. I'm also a victim of the celeb culture and will often be found fiddling with their biographies (if something is on the telly I'll probably WP it and then spot something that could be improved in the article).

That aside, as someone that also patrols recent changes (a page that I sincerely recommend all wikipedians to visit if for nothing else than to wonder at the sheer scope of wikipedia - a real eye opener), I find myself involved in all kinds of pages that I would never have conceived of visiting. It's a proper wikipedia adventure, of the same kind that initially got me interested in being an editor. The old "land on the main page, click on a link, keep clicking and find out stuff that you would never have thought about looking into". Given that 10 years ago, to access any of this stuff you would have to go to the local library (if it were equipped enough to have a decent reference section), the scope that wikipedia currently has is amazing.

Which leads me to another topic that I'm very keen on - India. It's a vast country which has a massive story to tell in terms of its influences on culture, religion, trade et al, all around the world. Currently though, its wikipedia coverage is being sorely denied the attention that it deserves. It has become the wikipedia equivalent of the Wild West. There are some good articles out there, but many of the lesser ones are subject to repeated spamming or edits by well meaning contributors whose English is less than ideal. More editing resources definitely need to be focused in that direction.