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Daniel in his room (October 3, 2005; Age 13)

DanzyBerzy? Who is that?[edit]

DanzyBerzy is the overall name for Daniel "Dan" Salsbury. Daniel is an actor, dancer, singer, and athlete for many years. He has been in many plays, along with Little House of the Prairie, Fiddler on the Roof, Aladdin, Lion King, Honk!, and more! Daniel is currently participating in current local advertisments.


Being born on May 17, 1992 (currently 16,) he has had a lot of acting. From birth to 3, he lived in Fairbanks, Alaska, in a military base, where he could figure out his first words and expressions. When he was 3, the Salsbury family moved to Virginia, but not for long. Only a few months later, the family moved to Everett, Washington; where they reside today. Daniel partook in plays at his elementary school, Horizon Elementary School. Only when Daniel was 8, was he hitting the major roles in plays. He played Simba during Lion King, Abu in Aladdin, and even the Ugly Duckling in the play Honk!. During Daniel's pre-teen years, was he placed into the local advertisments. Daniel now resides in this advertisment area.

Athletic Life[edit]

Daniel was always interested in sports. From a very young age, he participated in basketball. At age 7, he tried out for football. He first started out at 69's, but made his way to Bantoms, where he fractured his leg and couldn't play football again until his 9th grade year at Everett High School. During the time of his fracture, he Wrestled. He wrestled from his 6th grade year up to his 10th grade year. Also, he was a Track member. He threw the javelin and did pole vault. He is currently waiting for his 11th grade Football to start up again.

Dancing/Singing Career[edit]

At a young age, Daniel always loved to dance. He first started in a dance academy(Unknown Academy,) in Virginia. After he moved, he joined the EDA (Everett Dance Academy,) for 3 more years. After he left the EDA, he started to be in plays. His play manager told Daniel to learn to sing, so he started at age 8. His singing was horrible in the beginning, but he learned. His first dancing/singing debut was in 2001 during the play "The Nutcracker." His acting, dancing, and singing was incredible.

Acting in Plays[edit]

  1. The Nutcracker (2001) - Mouse King
  2. Little House on the Prairie (2002) - Little Indian Boy
  3. Honk! (2002) - Ugly Duckling
  4. Lion King (2004) - Simba
  5. Aladdin (2004) - Abu
  6. Fiddler on the Roof (2005) - Motel
  7. Romeo and Juliet (2007) - Romeo Montague


  1. Ford Dealership (2002)
  2. Premera Blue Cross (2005)
  3. Ruff Stuff: Big Blast (2006)
  4. Sonic Drive-In (2006-2008)