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Who am I?

I am a 19 year old man who has been a Wikipedian since June 4, 2005 and I've become an addicted Wikipedian 16 days later, although I'm not always a regular, let's say that I sometimes contribute like a machine for some weeks and then disappear for some months. I don't mind if you call me Bob or anything that might suit you as long as it's not mean, and even then, words can't hurt me. I contribute to the English Wikipedia, even though I originally speak Quebec French. I don't think finishing all the work here is possible, but it can get better and better with time, always growing. The fields in which I contribute the most are images. I once contributed a lot to Final Fantasy related things as part of the WikiProject Final Fantasy, an attempt to build a comprehensive guide to the world of Final Fantasy, but after quitting and later attempting a come back, I found out I couldn't do as before in that field and found that my true passion on Wikipedia was about images.

What do I like?

I like the Final Fantasy series, in fact, most computer role-playing games. I am a gamer who doesn't like online games, so I play a lot of games for long hours, but I don't like MMORPGs and can't stand playing multiplayer shooters for too long. Other than the Final Fantasy series, I like pretty much the Dragon Quest series, the Metal Gear Solid series, the Ratchet & Clank series, the Jak and Daxter series, etc. I am also an old school gamer, I love to play DOS classics, especially Lucasarts' classic adventure games. I like humour very much, but I also like complex and serious stories like the one in Final Fantasy VII or the Metal Gear series. I like anime and films. Finally, I like the Dragon Ball manga, I'm not a reader so I don't usually read a lot of litterature, but rather comic books or graphic novels (I consider some graphic novels, like the Sandman series, litterature on their own.) I own a lot of classic Marvel Comics from the The Amazing Spider-Man series, as well as the The Incredible Hulk, the The Fantastic Four and the The Uncanny X-Men series, and I read a lot of graphic novels like Watchmen, V for Vendetta and Sandman. Also, I might add that I am a fan of François Pérusse, which should only be relevant to Québécois. I also almost forgot that one, but I onced watched professional wrestling, mostly WWE, but I stopped watching it since I don't feel it like before.

What have I done (or could do)?

I've made thousands of edits including the English and French Wikipedia and Commons, more than a thousand of my edits being media. My technical abilities include a high knowledge of Adobe Photoshop CS2, Adobe Indesign CS2 and Adobe Illustrator CS2, as well as a more than good knowledge of layout, typography and pre-press. Don't forget that I am there to help if you need it, be it in terms of Wikipedia's policies or other kind of information relating to something I might know. With the image editing skills I have, you could also ask for me to help you with an image.

Current status

Checking through GFDL images and enhancing those I can.

Fun facts

  • DarkEvil is a nickname which emerged out of my brain at some point in 2001 (outside of Wikipedia). It was against my knowledge that such a bizarre nick was in fact used by lots of people. Just do a Google search and you'll see, most of these people, probably all of them, aren't the same DarkEvil as me.
  • Where I live, Montreal (Quebec), the name Bobby is not very common. This happens to be my name and each time I say it to someone, they end up saying something like: "Is it really your name?"
  • I am a man with long hair and often a ponytail, a growing beard and I am obese (not as much as the example image of the obesity article, but a little bit obese, but tall) which makes some people compare me to the Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons.
  • Since studying in desktop publishing, now when I look at something I say: "Look at the bad quality of this print" or good quality if it's a good print, I also get a little mad when I see bad quality images because of poor scans or as a result of bad digital image editing of all sorts. Some people still have to make me realize that I'm odd when I act like this!

My thoughts

Here are my thoughts on the world, these work for me and, although I think they're absolutely right, they are only my thoughts and you can have your own; it is my way of life, but there are no real strict rules to determine how you should live. First, I believe that if everyone would care about themselves and mostly try not to care about others, things would be better. I'm not saying we should forget everybody, and I'm not saying that we should not help each other sometimes, but if you mostly care about yourself, everything should be right since you're supposed to know how to treat yourself. If you only care about others, then someone has to care about you in your place and then that person needs someone else to care about her, if you get the idea, you will realize that it's easier if you take care of yourself in the first place. Even if that is my first thought, I know that sometimes, in some situations, you can't take care of you on your own, and I believe that everybody should help the world become a better place with peace everywhere and no injustice. A lot would think that it is impossible and that I am crazy, and you might think I'm more crazy after saying this, but life is simple. I mean, with a simple house (or acceptable place to live, no need for extras), enough food and drink (wealthy countries tend to eat a lot much more than is needed, especially during Christmas, in countries celebrating this false tradition, like most traditions), and something that you especially like to have fun with (such as a television, a video game console, music, a girlfriend/boyfriend), you can be happy for the rest of your life. I don't think it's too much as long as you have a job to earn money. I always thought of that since I was born, people always said that when I would get older, things would get a lot more complicated. I am now a man, as one might say, and I still haven't managed to find life complicated, not more than a damned Rubik's Cube, I can always have fun and I don't regret my childhood like most people seem to do when they become adults. I am happier to know that, even though I am much more aware of what's happening around me than when I was a kid, I can still be as happy, even more than before. With that, I intend to keep this one goal in my life, and that is to be always happy or at least in most situations, and never stay unhappy for the rest of my life because of an incident, no matter how big it is. I want to be happy the day I die (even though this will be difficult since the only real injustice which we can't escape is that we have to die one day, and not all at the same age; funny that some people refer to death as the ultimate justice while I despise it as the greatest injustice. We have to get rid of death, I sure don't want to die, the end of all things good, and certainly won't die.) Yes, I realize that my last phrase might reveal that I don't believe in religions and that it might not be possible to escape death, but the fact that I realise it must mean that I'm not crazy, and I sure won't stop thinking death can be stopped until I die, but I repeat I'm not crazy, I'm just a little like a character from Sandman. Well, I think that's it, there might be more, but it resumes my biggest thoughts. In conclusion, I think one should take care of himself, but help others for things impossible to achieve as one. One should have faith in peace and justice in order to live in the best possible world. One should realize that life is simple, no matter what. One should absolutely always work towards happiness and then staying happy. If possible, one should work on getting rid of death (joking since it's impossible, but let me live my fantasies, but if death can't be stopped really, let her be an incarnation as beautiful as Death from Sandman).


I agree to submit every original piece of work I contribute here under the public domain if possible or under a free license if public domain can't apply.

All contributions by this user are hereby released into the public domain
Public domain I, the author, hereby agree to waive all claim of copyright (economic and moral) in all content contributed by me, the user, and immediately place any and all contributions by me into the public domain, unless otherwise noted.
I grant anyone the right to use my work for any purpose, without any conditions, to be changed or destroyed in any manner whatsoever without any attribution or notification.