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I am Marcus, but you can call me Dark Serge or Serge. To make a long description short, I am 18, in college, no-nonsense, progressive, rational, friendly, realist, environmentalist, a general outcast, and a tech/weather/politics/gaming geek.

Facts About Me:

1. Dark Serge (most of the time just Serge) is my alias, used in place of my real name that I hate.
2. I am from Fort Worth. The actual city, not an ugly suburban/edge-of-town subdivision. Currently, I reside in Fort Worth for the summer and in Richardson, north of Dallas, the rest of the year for college.
3. I am from the inner city (what some would call "the ghetto"), although my neighborhood is more "ghetto lite". I'd choose my neighborhood over the suburbs any day. I much prefer the fried chicken, Maury-watching, working class inner city culture over anything else. 4. I am a proud Thom Hartmann progressive, complete with the "evil" ideas of compassion, environmental stewardship, economic fairness, affordable college, and all that jazz. Before the libertarians start running their mouths: sure, we can never make the world totally fair, but that don't mean we shouldn't try to make it as fair as is possible.
5. I have many hobbies, including but not limited to meteorology (weather), politics/current events, broadcasting and media, information technology, environmental science, and video games.
6. I like to ride my bicycle--more precisely, my Trek 800 Sport. :D
7. I am a proud environmentalist--a transit-riding, bike-cycling, materials-recycling, organic-gardening, energy-conserving, no-car-driving, environmentalist.
8. As stated above, my car is the bus and train, and I love it.
9. I am a blogger, and love to put my thoughts out there for reading and conversation.
10. I like most music, especially music with a good "funky" beat like that of the Black Eyed Peas, New Kids on the Block, and Wreckx-n-Effect.
11. I'm a college student who goes to the University of Texas at Dallas.
12. Good food is one of the best things about life. Not that yucky 'health food', but the really good stuff like burgers and French fries and Tex-Mex, and let's not forget good soul food like catfish and fried chicken.
13. I detest sports with a flaming passion.
14. Unlike a lot of people my age, who love to get drunk and smoke and do drugs, I only do things that are good clean fun.
15. I'm currently trying to build a social life on par with most others my age. Hey, I'd like to have friends that are like family to me just like you.
16. I am a no-nonsense person. If you're not a true friend or are a jerk, moron, idiot, ignoroid, shallow-ass, or anything like that, don't even bother being around me. You'll just be wasting my time and yours. I'm a real deep, accepting, open-minded, friendly person that believes in reason, community, progress, and stewardship, and I want to meet people who are like so.
17. I love to put on some calming game soundtracks and relax surrounded by peaceful and/or verdant scenes. Sometimes I do it in other areas to go to that kind of place in my mind.
18. I love gadgets and technology and try to make the most of every one of them devices.
19. The religious right and their promotion of scientific and factual ignorance, unreason, and other crappy actions ticks me off.
20. Want to know more? Read my blog. Or, even better, get to know me! :)


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