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I am Darkest Tree. I work on a variety of articles, mostly dealing with aviation, physical science, weather and climate, geography, California- Arizona- and Nevada-related topics, and occasionally some history and fiction. I tend to be more of a WikiGnome. I also don't believe the WikiMedia Foundation servers are going to run out of space any time soon, so while I don't consider myself an Inclusionist per se, I have a philosophical difference with Deletionism, and believe that in most cases deletion is not cleanup. Other than that, this isn't a Facebook page and I don't feel the need to tell the world my life story here.

Those who will defend authority against rebellion must not themselves rebel. — J.R.R. Tolkien, The Silmarillion

Pet Peeve[edit]

I think most editors have one or more particular pet peeves. My current pet peeve is the word "paucity." It is the most pretentious, grandiloquent, vainglorious substitution for the simple English word lack. So whenever I come across it in an article, I will change it.

UPDATE: Apparently I should have looked in the dictionary: the definition of lack is not close enough to the definition of paucity to be a suitable substitute as I found out at this diff: [1]. Nevertheless, I will forge ahead in eliminating the usage of the word paucity from Wikipedia articles.

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