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Karlsplatz station is a Vienna U-Bahn station on the city center's southern edge. It is the biggest station on the U-Bahn network and the only interchange between three lines, the U1, U2 and U4 lines. Additionally, there are changing possibilities to Wiener Lokalbahn trains to Baden, the tramway lines D (Beethovengang—Südbahnhof), 1 (Prater Hauptallee—Stefan-Fadinger-Platz), 2 (Ottakringer Straße, Erdbrustgasse—Friedrich-Engels-Platz) and 62 (to Wolkersbergenstraße), the bus lines 3A (Schwarzenbergplatz—Schottenring) 4A (to Wittelsbachstraße), 59A (to Philadelphiabrücke) and 360 (to Gainfarn).



The station opened in 1899 under the name of "Akademiestraße" as part of the Stadtbahn.

The buildings above ground on Karlsplatz are a well-known example of Jugendstil architecture. These buildings were included in the Vienna Secession, as they followed many of the artistic styles of that movement. They were designed by Otto Wagner, adviser to the Transport Commission in Vienna,[1] and Joseph Maria Olbrich and are, unlike the other Stadtbahn stations, made of a steel framework with marble slabs mounted on the exterior.[2] These stations allowed Otto Wagner to achieve his goal of creating two modern axes of architecture in a city that was becoming one of the most modern cities of its time.[1] These buildings went on to become the most modern monument of the modern city.[2] Architectural critic and poet, Friedrich Achleitner, commented on The Stadtbahn Stations as follows "...In these two station buildings Wagner reached a highpoint of his dialectic (in his planning of the Stadtbahn)between function and poetry, construction and decoration, whereby a severe rationalism engages in competition with an almost Secessionist kind of decoration." [3]


On 25 February, 1978, with the first U-Bahn opening (U1 from Karlsplatz to Reumannplatz), the station became an underground train station as well as still staying a Stadtbahn station.

When the Stadtbahn line was rebuilt as line U4, the original Stadtbahn building should originally have been demolished, but after public protests, it was rebuilt two meters above. The pavillons are today used as restaurants, Otto Wagner exhibitions and for access to the large U-Bahn station.

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