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Hello, this is Darorcilmir's User page. I have wide interests. By vocation I am a music librarian with an unhealthy interest in 60's pop music. I am also passionate about gardening, DIY, the Universe, the natural world, evolution, the existence (or otherwise) of God, grammar, words, language, playing the guitar, watching football (soccer) and - whenever I can find the time - messing about with Microsoft Excel and Access.

As a former salaried public servant, I can confirm I have no commercial interests whatsoever. I am the most withdrawn, shy, introverted, misanthropic person that you are ever unlikely to meet. My favourite book is Tolstoy's "War and peace" - it is really easy to read, honestly!

So who or what is Darorcilmir? It is a dragon I invented as a child, with more than a passing nod to Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. Until I started contributing to Wikipedia, "Darorcilmir" was a word without any hits on Google. A source of great satisfaction to me, proving as it did that Google can't get inside your head!