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General Information[edit]

DarthVado210 lives in Florida but would much rather live on Omicron Persei 8. He made the critically acclaimed Type-210 Vado Chronicles. He also has made The Cool (not Logan's) new Super Smash Bros. Brawl list. He is a known Metal Gear, Resident Evil, Capcom, Dragonball Z, Ubisoft, and Take-Two interactive fanatic. One boring day in school he decided to compile a list of so far 50 things that if preformed will ensure a individual's passage into hell. His screen name is based off of one of his characters.

List of things certain to get you into hell[edit]

Darth Vado has kindly compiled a list of things that ensure your passage into hell so you can avoid the event:

Out of Jimmy's Head is out of date, no one cares about it anymore! - Logan

  • Liking Out of Jimmy's Head
  • Being Sarah Silverman
  • Being in a show with Sarah Silverman
  • Liking anything with Sarah Silverman

Type-210 Vado Chronicles[edit]

Type-210 Vado Chronicles is an original story/fanfiction created by DarthVado210. As the name implies, the story chronicles the life of Vado Kojima as he battles against the Umbrella Organization and other factions. His journey begins as a solo effort but soon gains many allies. As he gains new allies he also gains new enemies, like Kane, Arch-Nemesis, and Odava.

Factions and members[edit]

There are at least five original factions in Vado Chronicles. Each extremely cool. So cool in fact that each one gets their own section. This is totally because of their coolness not because DarthVado210 doesn't know how to make subsections. Since many characters in the story switch sides, DarthVado210 will list every character in every faction they have been in.

Harvey Organization faction[edit]

Harvey's organization functions as the precursor to the more threatening organizations that occur later in the series. The main villian of the series, Kane starts off as an underling of Harvey, and as such Harvey convinces Kane of the need to establish a single world order. Notable members of this faction are

  • Harvey Clayton- The mysterious mastermind behind the events of the earlier parts of the story, whose influence runs throughout the entire series. he has curly, black hair that reaches down to his shoulders.
  • Reioko- She was a very profecient scientist who performed most of the Type-210 Vado Project experiments. She tried to secretly program Vado to turn on Albert Wesker, kill him, and help her take control of the Organization, but Clayton found out. He shot her in the head at point blank range with a .45 caliber pistol, thus blowing her head to bits and killing her. This occured in the second chapter.
  • [[Darth V]ado]- clone of Vado. He is very relaxed in nature, but has been known to get serious when angered to great extents. Whenever serious he puts on sunglasses and the usual smile that is on his mouth turns to a straight, calm, mouth. When fighting he uses multiple styles
  • Juneketsu Kojima-Vado's older sister. from the beginning of the series to when Vado is in the second part of the Chunin Exam, she is forced by Harvey Clayton to mislead Vado into thinking that she is actually a clone of Vado
  • Kane-The most powerful character in the series and possibly in existence. He is one of the two legendary exceptions who were created by all the worlds' gods' to maintain balance between all the worlds and dimensions. The balance is constantly disrupted by the interference of the Umbrella Organization in foriegn universes.He lived in poverty so bad that he was forced to live in an alley, alone,as he was an orphan. He was subject to horrible bullying, beatings, and discrimination from wealthy kids as a child. The only friend he had was Able, a boy in the same position as him. They had a dog which was killed by the bullies, who killed it to further torment the boys. Able then went into a fury and killed several of the bullies with some of his mysterious power. Surviving bullies told their wealthy parents and the parents took Able to court. Able was too poor to afford a lawyer and the parents paid off the jury and judge. Able was sentenced to be executed for his crimes, but Kane begged Able to use the power he used to break out of prison. Able refused to avoid execution as he felt guilty for murdering a human being and he wanted to face the consequences of his actions. This caused Kane to begin thinking of Able as a fool and later a traitor, after his execution, for leaving him to deal with the tormentors by himself. He joined Umbrella so he could help achieve the Organization's goal of bringing peace to the dimensions by establishing a one super power to control them. He believes that humans have no right to ruin their world's with their stupidity.
  • Vado- The main character. Explaination in later section.
  • War- A being split from Kane. His name is based off the horseman of the apocalyipse with the same name. As his name implies he is a master of all things relating to war and fighting. He is also obsessed with fighting and is always thrilled when fighting a formidable oppononet. His love of fighting is comparable to that of a Saiyan. He is a master of every melee weapon, long-range weapon, firearm, explosive, fighting style and any other weapon ever made. On some occasions he has shown a more strategic and calculating side, but as he is obssesed with fighting he tends to just to attack or deal with problems he experiences head-on and without thinking.
  • Death- The second being split from Kane. He never talks which leads everybody around him to believe he is mute. He has an obsession with death even greater than Legato Bluesummers. His right arm is a skeleton arm, similar to that of the grim reaper, which has the power to kill anything it touches. He wears a black cloak and a hood which covers his face in complete blackness. He never takes it off throughout the series so his face is never seen. The only facial feature seen is his two pupiless bright yellow eyes. His fighting style is made so every strike he makes is meant to kill the opponent. He refuses to let anybody he defeats live and gains a great hatred of Vado for surviving their battle.
  • Famine- The third being split from Kane. He is a sadistic, interrogation specialist. He has a horribly mal-nurished body, to the extent that he requires a body suit to give him the strength to move. He rarely fights but when he does, his sadistic side takes over. He does everything he can to keep his opponent alive while he tortures them physically and mentally to his heart's content.
  • Pestilence- The fourth being split from Kane. Almost never fights as he isn't the least bit interested in it. He does enjoy making new viruses for use by the Umbrella Organization. When forced to fight he uses the many viruses he is infected with to fight for him. The main viruses he uses are the T-Virus, Las Plagas, and the G-Virus. He only uses his own viruses if his default ones aren't enough. He is known to use defeated opponents as test subjects for his viruses.

Vado's faction[edit]

Once realeased from his imprisonment, in the Umbrella lab, by Reioko, Vado tries to make it back home. He soon learns about the Umbrella Organization and begins to try to bring the Organization down, also take revenge on them for taking away his life. He starts out alone but soon gains many allies, including making alliances with old enemies. Vado later defects though.

  • Vado- The leader of the faction. He was imprisoned by the Umbrella Organization when he was ten years old and was subject to many experiments to turn him into the ultimate weapon, until he was released by the traitorous Reioko. Reioko gave him back his old clothes and weapons,so he could defend himself against the T-Virus infected inhabitants of the Arklay Mountains and Raccoon City. He travels to the many worlds in many universes. He has The Darkness sealed inside of him as a result of his brother's curiosity(Explained in later section). The Darkness continuosly tries to take over Vado's body which happens mostly in times of great stress. Afraid that in one of his blackouts he may kill the people he loves he joined the Umbrella Organization, under the belief that they can find away to control it. As he continued working for the Organization he started to lose sight of why he originally joined the Organization and he let The Darkness's influence consume him in search of power. It's influence became so great that he no longer cared about his former loved ones and he let the knoweledge of how humans wiped out his clan to fuel his hatred of them. The only humans he could even tolerate were humans that worked for the Organization. In search for greater power and authority he betrayed the Organization and joined Conquest's army as the second in command. He gained exponential power from the teachings of Conquest and he gained the excepted's ability to use any power in any world to an extent. As he is not a born excepted he can only use other-world powers at 70% of their power. For example if Vado was in the Naruto universe and performed a kamehameha wave that at max did 100 damage in the DragonBall universe it would only do 70 damage at max in the Naruto universe.

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