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Thomas E. Reed
Thomas Edward Reed

February 12, 1960
Occupationpublic figure, photographer, founder original "Miami Models"
ChildrenChristopher Reed (SAG)

THOMAS REED, born February 12, 1960, is the son of Nancy and Dr. Howard Reed. Reed is best known for his edgy style of photography and being the founder and owner of the original “Miami Models”, (US Patent and Trademark Office Reg.No. 3,834,78) - a firm respected for its European Print Fashion Board.


Reed was born in New York and is the son of Nancy (Burrows) Reed (Powers Model, FM radio personality for WKZE, owner of Village on the Green restaurant in Sheffield, MA, who also bred and trained horses).

His step-father, Dr. Howard Reed (Attorney and Connecticut politician), would legally adopt Reed.

From 1960 through 1961, Reed lived in the home of William Roosevelt, the grandson of President Roosevelt, in Cherry Hills, Colorado. His mother, Nancy and grandmother (Marian Burrows) were employed by the family with residence on property.

By 1963, Reed would relocate to a farm house at 1554 Boardman Street, Sheffield, Massachusetts, owned by his mother, Nancy. Reed lived there until he was 9 years old. Thom's elementary school, Sheffield Center School was located in the heart of Sheffield, across the street from where Nancy owned her restaurant “Village on the Green” at 113 Main Street, Sheffield, Mass. It was commonplace for Reed to accompany his mother to open the restaurant and on a full stomach, ride his bicycle to and from school.


From 1983 through 2005, Reed was shooting editorials and model composite cards for agencies such as Michelle Pommier, Ford, Willomina, Greene Agency, Chic, AGE, Irene Marie, Boca Talent, World of Kids, Famous Faces. Reed’s years in South Florida’s fashion industry showcased his talents as an award-winning fashion and model photographer. Reed’s edgy and raw editorial style captured attention, winning the newcomer First Place in South Florida Fashion Photography Contests twice in just four years. This would launch his company, Miami Models.

Miami Models has been highly respected for its European Print Fashion Board. Under Mr. Reed's direction, the firm obtained clients that included Polo Black Label, L’Oreal, Matrix, Vogue Bambini, Nike Athletic, US Polo, Saks Fifth Avenue, The Gap, Guess, Burdines-Macys, Chadwicks, Lands End, Parisian, Jessica of London, Yonkers, Weebok, MTV, Kohls, Goodys, Dilliards, FCA Paris, France and Tommy Hilfiger.


In 2013, the Reed's early history would be the subject and premiere of Discovery Channel's Alien Mysteries new series. Reed has appeared on the Fox Morning Show, Travel Channel's Paranormal Paparazzi, and Canada Morning AM (among others), due to extraordinary circumstances involving his family. These events have now gained international recognition involving the family's UFO case. The 2009 encounter produced radiation and magnetic anomalies per the official reports from law enforcement. Law enforcement requested Thomas Reed take a polygraph test August 4, 2010 at the Advanced Polygraph Institute in Knoxville, TN, which he passed with a 99.1%, no deception indicated.

The Reed case assisted in their personal attorney's efforts, (Robert Bletchman) by adding credible and corroborated testimony, which was presented by Robert at the United Nations symposium on October 2, 1992. The objective was to introduce substantiated cases to motivate the U.N. to reconsider 33/426. (33/426 references an establishment of an agency or a dept. of the U. N. for undertaking, coordinating and disseminating the results of research into unidentified flying objects.) This came 10 days before NASA began SETI's Microwave Observing Project (MOP/HRMS). The Reed case is one of only a few, to be mentioned at the United Nations.

In March of 2013, News Anchor Jacqueline Milczarek of CTV News Express Canada ran a news story on the Reed case prior to the launch of Discovery Channel’s Alien Mysteries. Jacqueline discusses the testimony and evidence in the case that was detected by law enforcement, to include radiation and magnetic fields and the fact that the case went before the United Nations on October 2, 1992.


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