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Music, musicians, guitars, computers, building, games, gaming. Movies, TV.


Catholic.. pro-catholicism+christianity, pro-judaism, pro-islam, pro-druze, pro-zoroastrianism. Anti-Vedic.


Scottish politics, Scots language.Scottish Independance.

Music theory is a myth Jazz musicians smashed in the 1920's.

The Catholic Church has been a huge proponent of 'Intelligent Design Theory' since well before Vatican II. In fact Gregor Mendel was and I quote "Abbot Gregor Mendel (1822-1884), Augustinian friar and founder of genetics. His work and that of Darwin laid the groundwork for the study of life sciences in the twentieth century." according to wiki at the time of writing. [[1]] date: 12/12/2016.

'If you don't believe in God, you will go to Hell'.. this is a myth. In fact, 'Good natured gentiles' and 'God fearing gentiles' are accepted in Heaven without so much as one visit to a Church. Atheists who do not pursue evil, and act in good conscience, are considered 'good natured' and Agnostics, people who don't believe in God without prove, but in case He does exist, do not wish to anger Him.

If a believer, is hateful mouthed to a gentile, it is the Saints who Judge the world not the believers. if you are gentile reading this.. imagine there is a huge court in Heaven, with God the highest Judge, He also has Saints who Judge the world, as they know suffering, and so know the price of hell, as they know sacrifice, and so know the true meaning of what mercy is, they have the Spirit of God with them, and so know the Truth of all things.

God doesn't hate you for not knowing Him.. it is by your beliefs you miss out in a personal relationship with Him while you are on Earth.

Anti-3rdgen-feminism.. Feminism completed its cause sometime around the 1980s that was begun in the suffragette movement, by the heroic efforts of the second gen feminists, since then 3rd gen women have bannered to completed cause. 'Equality' was completed in the 1980s by said second generation Feminists.. what we have left is an affront and a shambles to humanity as these women try to scam more and more emotional self-destruction and self-sacrifice from the western male psyche. Female supremacy is embedded in the male psyche now so badly, we have matriarchy that won't stop complaining that there is a fictional patriarchy, and vast majority of males are indoctrinated to this evil cult unaware from birth.. the 1980's was IT!. that's all we had.. we didnt have more than you! The west is very evil place these days..