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Many years ago, before the invention of the gas mantle, there were many Daves in the same place. To avoid confusion we all had "the Something" added to our names. Eventually this was abbreviated to "T".

Personal details[edit]

Surfing the overlap of law and IT.

The pages i expand, edit, or disambiguate might be a guide to my interests.

Might fill more in later

UOB This user studied or studies at the University of Bristol.

SmallLadyJustice.GIF This user has a Bachelor of Laws.

Currently working on[edit]

Civil Procedure Rules 1998[edit]

  • Add more examples of changes
  • Front loading of cases
  • 1996 Access to Justice Report


  • Playing with markup and functions.
  • Looking for stubs or redlinks to expand.

Roughwork Book

Disambig.svg This user repairs links to disambiguation pages.

Back Burner[edit]


  • Disambiguating Norse - last checked 31 August 2007
  • Disambiguating Blackout - last checked 31 August 2007

County Court Bulk Centre[edit]

Want to add more detail on founding:

  • Link to Hansard debates/quotes of same
  • History of statutes and amendments

Want to add comparision:

  • Access to justice pre- vs. post-foundation
  • with other countries

Either need to add Claim Production Centre into same article or create new article.

Add other IT capable courts/tribunals in England & Wales e.g. Preston (PREMA)

Warrant of Execution[edit]

  • Completed first pass clean up.
  • Would like to add history of warrant.
  • Not sure whether needs to be merged per User:Agent_86's comment.