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Who is Dave Carlson?[edit]

I am a medical student at UCSD School of Medicine in San Diego, California. I received my B.S. in Physiology and Neuroscience from UCSD in 2013.

Pages I've created (incomplete list)[edit]

I usually create new pages for notable people that I become aware of and whom I cannot find on WP, and therefore do a fair bit of research before creating a new page. Of over 90 new articles I've created, only three have been removed, so I aim for high notability and informative articles, although sometimes there just isn't enough information available and I create stubs for other users to expand upon.

Pam Postema Elliot Abravanel The Wrestling Boot Band Dave Schramm (musician) Captain Fortune Show Carol Merrill Slab Fork, West Virginia Jim McIlvaine Lisa Donovan Billy Mays Apollonia 6 (album) David Edward Maust Alphonse D'Arco Lucia Zarate Mike Long Alma Powell Static In Stereo Horsey (1997 film) Todd Kerns Kurt Dahle Ryan Dahle Keith Closs Tree Rollins Darwin Kastle Jack McDonald (musician) The Model (disambiguation) Leeza Fruit Stand Lisa Hark The California Ramblers The Ina Ray Hutton Show Has Anybody Seen My Gal? (song) Has Anybody Seen My Gal? (film) Martin Hynes The Go-Getter (film) The Big Split Fieldin Culbreth True North (Bill George book) Minnie Mendoza Mauri Pekkarinen Soudan, Minnesota Coachella (disambiguation) Asking for Flowers Alicia Ross Building 55 The Temprees Sand Slough, Arkansas Big Bear earthquake Leaving Las Vegas (novel) Brian Zimmerman (politician) Olivier Sitruk Rossiter W. Raymond Norwood Vann Lady Grooms The Mind of Gil Scott-Heron Natascha Ragosina United Nations of Sound Wilson Rodriguez Karen Alloy Skip Palenik Naazim Richardson Habits (album) Oliver Lynn Still Woman Enough Norm Burley Yesica Bopp Jeff Symonds List of Forensic Files episodes Courtney Burton Jerome Monroe Smucker Caleb Harrison Ben Casnocha Bert Lytell (boxer) Charley Williams (boxer) Sampson Lewkowicz Emma Louise Call Lars Fjeldsoe-Nielsen

Pages to which I've made major contributions (incomplete)[edit]

This section is as much for my reference as it is for anyone else. These pages basically fall into nine major categories:

  • Science and scientists, particularly in neuroscience and medicine
  • Politics (primarily U.S. politics)
  • Musicians (independent artists, pioneers of music genres, and Canadian artists)
  • Basketball and Boxing
  • Real Estate and Real Estate Law
  • Financial Concepts and Financial Mathematics
  • Missing People and Criminal Cases
  • Very Tall People
  • Interesting people, Humor, and Trivia

Gary Payton (140+ edits) American Revolution Quantum number Nicotinic acetylcholine receptor Bernard King Barack Obama Jared Fogle Surety bond Ernie K-Doe Moron in a hurry George Stroumboulopoulos Tommy Douglas Gil Scott-Heron Pompeia Paulina Matthew Good Sublease 1986 NBA Draft 1997 NBA Draft 1998 NBA Draft 1999 NBA Draft 2000 NBA Draft 2001 NBA Draft 2002 NBA Draft John DeLorean Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival Kathleen Edwards Richard Ashcroft Jack Abramoff Virginia United States Senate election, 2006 Jim Webb Jon Tester Montana United States Senate election, 2006 United States presidential election, 1984 United States presidential election, 1968 United States presidential election, 1972 United States presidential election, 1988 United States presidential election, 1956 Dupuytren's Contracture Nardwuar the Human Serviette Missouri bellwether Ted Kennedy Chappaquiddick incident Digsy's Dinner Milla Jovovich The Hero' s journey (phrase) Slumpbuster Negative amortization Point (mortgage) Ender's Game Soffit Historical rankings of U.S. Presidents GPAA Battle of Saratoga Russ Meyer David Rockefeller Bill Withers Trump Ice Mark Grant LaDainian Tomlinson Chris Greener Leonid Stadnyk Julius Koch Bao Xishun Joseph Merrick Clifford Ray George Yardley Donna Rice Second-wave feminism Macacalypse LisaNova As Maine goes, so goes Vermont Ina Ray Hutton Shillelagh (weapon) Michael Jordan I Am Spoonbender cub 1993 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament 1983 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament 1991 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament John Stockton Thomas Jefferson Among My Swan Severable contract Savage Garden John H. Johnson 2007 NBA Draft Jennifer Connelly West Wing Billy Blanks Otis Thorpe Mikhail Markhasev Jim Neidhart Joe Biden presidential campaign, 1988 Cloud on title Brandon Roy 2007 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament Vinson Filyaw 1996 NBA Finals NBA Defensive Player of the Year Award Hospital Music Ramsey Luna Ebo Elder NG2 glia Oligodendrocyte progenitor

Members I've awarded Barnstars[edit]

A Barnstar is an item distributed throughout the wiki community to acknowledge particularly fine contributions to Wikipedia. Below is a list of people to whom I've given a barnstar, and my reasons for doing so:

  • Sommers - for his excellent, calm, and thoughtful discussion within a heated battle regarding the DSM-IV page
  • Downwards - for making decisive choices even when they're unpopular, and his tireless work on thousands of sports articles on WP
  • Nlu - for his tireless contributions to a yet-unexplored area of Wikipedia
  • Janke - for his excellent photographic submissions, his contributions to WP policy, and for embodying a pleasant, respectful, accepting attitude that is in the best interests of the Wikipedia community as a whole.
  • JimIrwin - for his tremendous contributions to the population density maps used throughout Wikipedia, and for his geographical contributions that enable us to see the world in which we live.
  • Neutrality - for his commitment to Wikipedia, particularly articles on liberty, and his Thomas Jefferson-inspired user page.
  • PolvoMexicano - for his well-executed and appropriately-timed creation of the article for professional boxer Ramsey Luna.

Pages to develop[edit]

NG2 glia