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English legal bod and journalist based in Wisconsin, USA. Formerly a London property lawyer. I enjoy creativity and my family, and was a columnist with The VOICE Of Wisconsin Rapids newspaper for four years, a radio broadcaster for 18 months, a radio station photographer for 3 years and a newspaper editor for a short while. I have been co-chairman of the Betty Boop Festival since 2010, dedicated to helping boost my home town of Wisconsin Rapids's finances by bringing in visitors, boosting morale by celebrating the work of one of its sons (Grim Natwick, original top animator of Betty Boop), and educating children and adults in animation, art, and cartoon history. Since 2012 I have been active in Wisconsin Rapids Children's Museum Inc., an organisation currently exploring the feasibility of such a museum in our city. I recently left the city's ADA Advisory Board and joined the board of trustees of our public library. I am on the boards of the Central Wisconsin Literacy Council, and River City Rhapsody. I am a member of Mid-State Poetry Towers, River Cities 'Riters and the Wisconsin Writers' Association. Since 2014 I have been working for a disability law firm and am a disability law specialist.


I first started writing book reviews for my youth club's magazine Explorers Bulletin, when I was a boy. My first paid writing was in around 1983, when I started writing music reviews for Musicnet, the music magazine of Prestel. I edited the Trent Players' magazine Trent News, and wrote many articles for this. I have had reviews published by Celestial Toyroom, Cybermag, Outpost Gallifrey (an excerpt from which was featured in the Daily Express) and the BBC's own website. During my second degree, I edited the Birkbeck College magazine, Lamp And Owl, wrote some articles and contributed photographs. I have started a review website, [], which remains a shell. I have also written many reviews for,, and the Internet Movie Database. I have contributed many hours of writing and editing to Wikipedia, and several articles for Axis magazine between 2004-2008, and had an article on the dreaded 'Home Information Packs' published by Solicitors' Journal in 2008. I have written many articles for various news organisations and journalists in the last few years, including political opinion, "how-to" guides, and reviews. I had a regular column in 100 issues of the Voice Of Wisconsin Rapids newspaper for four years and occasionally provided arts reviews and interviews for that paper. I also write political and other articles to order. I also write scripts and direct for video's made by Hearts Media and interviews for a Central Wisconsin news site: Life At The Center. I was appointed Managing Editor of the Wisconsin Rapids City-Times on 3rd October 2013 and resigned my position on February 28 2014.


I am a professional photographer (which means I have had training, experience, and qualifications in the field, and am paid to do it) and have had pictures published in the local newspaper, maps, and over 1,600 on Google Earth. Each day, my photographs on Google are viewed over 300 times [This may have changed since the update to Google Maps]. I have had several photographs in my city's weekly paper. My pictures have been used in six election campaigns, company and church newsletters, a real estate agent, the website for Fleischer Studios, Country radio station Y106.5, Radio station Mix 96.7 and bands' Myspace and facebook pages. My pictures have been used by a London newspaper and a London radio station. I have also taken pictures on both a paid and voluntary basis for many local organisations and charities. In 2012 I came second in the "Best Photographer/Videographer" category in the People's Choice Of South Wood County awards. I have taught photography for the outreach department of the University Of Wisconsin (at Stevens Point).

I started taking photographs when I was a child, and during a photography course as a teenager became fascinated with the photography of my London surroundings. I took a set of transparencies of North West London in 1978 of which I am very proud, including some shots of the Trellick Tower and Kensal Green Cemetery.

I developed the digital process which produces 'reflectograms', a digital art made by capturing textures and colours and then reflecting them. My art is available on Redbubble.


In the 1980s, I ran and DJd on a pirate radio station "Radio Enfield" with a friend, playing mainly old music but also contemporary songs. I have also DJd for parties and clubs. Since August 2010, I have been employed by Mix 96.7 in Central Wisconsin where I had two shows at the weekends (Saturday 2-8 p.m. and Sunday 11a.m.-3p.m.) until December 2012 when the station closed.


First degree in English Literature from Birkbeck College, University of London where I studied black British writing, post-colonial writing, Shakespeare, classical epic and science-fiction under (among others) Professor Isobel Armstrong, and an M.A. in History Of Film & Visual Media, also from Birkbeck, where I studied under Professors Laura Mulvey and Ian Christie. My research report was on recovering our lost television heritage and my dissertation was on deaf people's access to television and film. My M.A. was presented to me by the late Eric Hobsbawm. I am a member of Convocation of the University, and was on my college's University Challenge team in 2001.


Divorced, living in Wisconsin, USA with my young son. I enjoy singing well and playing instruments badly. My brother is the "Wizard Of Wikipedia" User:Rich_Farmbrough, one of the few humans to make over a million edits to Wikipedia. Distant cousin to Detroit Spinners member Henry Fambrough and photographer/writer Florence Farmborough.

Wikipedia contributions[edit]

While not being as prolific as my brother, I have made over 6,000 edits to Wikipedia since 2005. I wanted to contribute photographs, but unfortunately, Wikipedia's requirement for me to lose ownership of my pictures and the way that policy is enforced does not allow me to do so.

I have created the following articles:


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