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Current location New South Wales, Australia
ALPThis user is a member of the Australian Labor Party.
Noia 64 apps karm.svg This user has been on Wikipedia for 8 years, 4 months and 17 days.
Flag of New South Wales.svgThis user lives in New South Wales.
Wall clock.pngThis user's time zone is AEDT.
63+This user has made more than 63 contributions to Wikipedia.
Head of the Great Sphinx (icon).pngThis user is interested in
Ancient Egypt.
Templo-de-zeus-2.jpgThis user is interested in ancient Greece.
RomanEmpire 117.svgThis user is interested in ancient Rome.
Great coat of arms of Belgium.svgThis user is passionate about the history of the Kingdom of Belgium.
Henry-VIII-kingofengland 1491-1547.jpgThis user is interested in theEnglish Reformation
John Travoltas 707-138B (253799799).jpgThis user is a Boeing 707 fan.
AirtranJet.jpgThis user is a Boeing 717 fan.
Boeing 727-200 Advanced Champion LAX.jpgThis user is a Boeing 727 fan.
Astraeus.commons.b737-300.g-stra.arp.2.jpgThis user is a Boeing 737 fan.
Qantas Boeing 747-438ER Spijkers.jpgThis user is a Boeing 747 fan.
Air Italy B752 I-AIGA.jpgThis user is a Boeing 757 fan.
Pink Delta 767-400ER N845MH.jpgThis user is a Boeing 767 fan.
Delta Air Lines Boeing 777 N701DN.jpgThis user is a Boeing 777 fan.
Air Canada Boeing 787-8 C-GHPQ (14388690350).jpgThis user is a Boeing 787 Dreamliner fan.
Airbus user is a Airbus A300 fan.
Emirates SkyCargo A310F A6-EFC.jpgThis user is a Airbus A310 fan.
Airfrance.a320-200.f-glgm.arp.jpgThis user is a Airbus A320 fan.
Sri Lankan Airlines A330-300 4R-ADB.jpgThis user is a Airbus A330 fan.
Virgin.a340-600.g-veil.arp.jpgThis user is a Airbus A340 fan.
SIA Airbus A380, 9V-SKA, SIN 8.jpgThis user is a Airbus A380 fan.
This user is a high school student.
HPLaptopzv6000series.jpgThis user can get online. Did you know that?
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User Statistics[edit]

Username DavidKRoosters
First Edit May 03, 2010 07:37:11
Unique pages edited 7
Average edits per page 9.00
Live edits 57
Deleted edits 6
Total edits (including deleted) 91

Apostrophe Use[edit]

Today's Apostrophe Hint: "it's" means "it is" or "it has". You DO NOT need an apostrophe for: "What's that? That's its bone."

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