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Veteran Editor IV


This user has made over 58000 edits on Wikipedia.
This user believes that homeopathy is dangerous nonsense which deters seriously ill people from seeking science-based medicine.
Acupuncture Needles.jpg
This user believes that acupuncture is dangerous nonsense with sharp instruments.
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This user believes that Holocaust denial constitutes malicious antisemitic stupidity.
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This user participates in vandalism control efforts.
This user supports an expeditious end to the War on Drugs since prohibition is an epic fail.
Dante Gabriel Rossetti - Venus Verticordia.jpg
This user has an academic interest in goddess worship.
This user honors the service of members of the United States Armed Forces.
This user enjoys classical music.
DVinfernoLuciferKingOfHell m.jpg
This user is an annihilationist and believes that the damnation of humans is a false concept of Satanic origin.
Paradiso Canto 31.jpg
This user believes that there are many efficacious paths to heaven.
Salvation Mountain 002.jpg
This user believes that no religion holds a monopoly on salvation.
Some users wish to censor images such as this. Wikipedia is not censored protects all of Wikipedia's content from prudery run amok.
This user rides public transportation.
This user believes that everyone needs a fairy sometimes.
This user believes that peace and love are preferable to war and hate, and should be pursued where feasible.
This user supports civil liberties.
This user supports vigorous administrative action against
conflict of interest editing and
abusive sockpuppetry.
This user is an eventualist regarding non-BLP articles.
This user supports industrially reasonable measures to protect the Earth's environment.


Pages that I have started

Pages that I have edited significantly

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Photographs that I have taken

StMaryoftheImmaculateConception.jpg StJosephDusk.jpg CathedralOfOurLadyOfTheAngels.jpg CathedralOfOurLadyOfTheAngels2.jpg CathedralOfTheBlessedSacrament.jpg CathedralOfTheBlessedSacrament2.jpg SantaClaraLibraryCropped.jpg SantaClaraLibrary2.jpg SantaClaraLibrary3.jpg MartinLutherKingLibrary.JPG

Not my photographic work, but...

Superlative art or gratuitous exhibitionism? Some users would like to censor images such as this on purported religious or moral grounds. Wikipedia is not censored is not just about sexology articles: it's also making Wikipedia safe for the The Renaissance.
Now meditate upon the following fact: that the heavens should contain a sublime beauty beyond the imagination of the medieval astronomer. We know from the Big Bang theory that the universe was not always, but came into existence...