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I Rarelibra award you this Barnstar for you work with cleaning and organizing the List of castles pages - Rarelibra 16:04, 7 November 2006 (UTC)

I started contributing to Wikipedia in December 2003.

I'm British but I spent over a decade living in Belgium. I currently live in Manchester.

I've started many new pages and categories, some of which are listed here.

For the record, I am neither David Edgar, David Edgar, David Edgar nor David Edgar.

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In addition to contributing to various language wikipedias, I'm also meta:User:David Edgar, commons:User:David Edgar, wikidata:User:David Edgar, wiktionary:User:David Edgar, wikibooks:User:David Edgar and wikinews:User:David Edgar.

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  • Special:PrefixIndex for pages with titles starting with a given prefix
  • search with intitle: prefix to search for matches in the title (only complete words)


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