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Self-portrait, 1998.

Steven John Fuchs, C.U.A, is a Washington D.C.-area fine artist.

Fuchs employs an uncommon ink and wash technique in a large portion of his work, utilizing Indian inks and repeated water soakings to achieve his signature style. The artist's subject matter ranges from Washington D.C. area architectual landmarks to obscure local settings. He holds a degree in fine arts from George Washington University and has worked as a graphic designer in advertising for several decades.

He has exhibited throughout the Washington area, including Gallery K, Capricorn Gallery, Clark & Co., The Funding Center, The Arlington Art Center, The Ellipse Art Center, the Corcoran Gallery of Art, and George Washington University. He was featured on the PBS highlights program Around Town in 2006, following his solo exhibition, "Cityscapes", at the American Institute of Architecture.[1] Fuchs was one of several artists who participated in the "Party Animals" public arts project, in which donkeys and elephants were designed by artists and then spread throughout Washington.[2] His work has been purchased by private collectors as well as corporations such as DirecTV. Fuchs is currently working on his first graphic novel, tentatively titled Soyuz Blue.


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