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Me not on my way to Wikimania 2011. But wearing my official shirt!

Been around for years. I do stuff. Mostly volunteering with WMF and WMUK on press things. I've been an administrator on this wiki since 2004. A wikien-l and wikimediaau-l listmod. Have read about diplomacy and can usually spell the word accurately.

My Wikimedia blog:

Oh, I have the keys to User:Querulous, but took the name just so everyone can freely use it as an example username.

I am not notable.

You will need to decide for yourself whether I am an NSA shill.

I also edit RationalWiki, a small skeptical wiki. I'm also one of the sysadmins, though basically everyone gets the admin bit there. RationalWiki is apparently notable now, which is slightly disconcerting.

I have written and self-published a book on cryptocurrencies and blockchains, and a book on Facebook's Libra/Diem project. I'm on telly and in the papers a bit on the subject. The first book has been used as a college text.

How to make a martini for me[edit]

  • 1 shot vodka
  • 1 shot gin
  • 1 shot dry vermouth
  • shake with ice
  • two olives

Achieves the cocktail effect: where all the alcohol cancels out and it slips past your lips and mouth like a song, before burning all the way down your gullet.

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