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"The Windows registry gives me hives."
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Editorial: Examples of how Wikipedia works[edit]

Hope these behaviors aren't something I modeled. Do you see yourself in any of these examples?

  • If you cite an example of a product or service in an article, someone will remove it and warn you that Wikipedia is not a platform for advertising. If you do not cite an example, someone will flag the article as lacking sources.
  • Someone looked at a piece of art that I created and uploaded to illustrate an article. It took me about an hour to draw. By looking at it, the viewer determined the art was copyrighted by someone other than I and removed it from the article.
  • Someone looked at a piece of art that I created and uploaded to illustrate an article. It took me about two hours to draw. It wasn't perfect but I had posted it for others to use and view under the GDFL. By looking at it, the viewer determined the art was uploaded for my personal gain rather than to illustrate a concept. The viewer removed it from the article.
  • Later, a second person flagged the art work as orphaned and warned that "Wikipedia is not a personal web page." The art work was deleted. What's the user's incentive to upload more art?
  • A user removed an image from a geographic location article because it lacked artistic merit. This left the article with no illustrations rather than a single illustration.

What if:

  • Instead of deleting text, you write something better and replace, or append-to, the original stuff?
  • Instead of deleting an image showing a geographic location, you fly or drive to the location to create a better one? Then you overwrite the marginal image with your high-quality one.
  • You consider ethics, balance and motives before deleting information in an article. You want to delete a paragraph about a hazardous waste dump in an article about your community. Do you own a home in a community? Even though you don't like it, is the article factually correct? Could it be left in the article but worded better to reflect differing views?
  • Instead of flagging an article, you fix the problem with it?

Contributed to articles including:[edit]


Community size rule of thumb: The smallest communities which are too small to be a stand-alone CDP usually start to gain identity with a fire station. Next they become a CDP. Following that, they get an elementary school.









Q. Why do these images look so bad? A. Most of them are scanned Polaroid prints shot with a US$30 camera.


Image:Sunnyvale, California seal circa 1965.png

DVD and VHS jackets[edit]

Housekeeping: how I keep track of which ones have been uploaded...

Image:Best Bad Thing jacket.png
Image:About Last Night VHS.jpg
Image:Lewis and clark and george VHS.jpg
Image:The Getaway VHS.jpg
Image:Seven girls DVD jacket megan abubo.jpg
Image:Highway Jacket DVD.jpg
Image:Go Now VHS.jpg

Image:Ice castles jacket.jpg
Image:Havasupai Tribal Video.jpg
Image:Dreamlife of Angels film VHS.png
Image:Dogtown VHS jacket art thumbnail.png
Image:Two Girls and a Guy VHS screener.jpg
Image:Microprocessor chronicles DVD.jpg
Image:Dancing at the Blue Iguana.png

Book covers[edit]

Image:RBase 3 manual cover.png
Image:RBASE for CTOS disk photo.png
Image:RBase 4 manual cover.png
Image:IBM Current 1.1 package cover.png
Image:OS2 2.0 upgrade box.png
Image:PC-DOS 3.2 box jacket.png
Image:PC-DOS 4 getting started manual.png
Image:IBM PC-DOS 5 manual cover.png
Image:CA-Clipper 5.2 manual cover.png
Image:DESQview 386 v2.4 manual cover.png
Image:Novell DOS 7 manual cover.png
Image:Microsoft Project 4.1 box.png
Image:Miniprop version 3 manual cover.png
Image:Borland Delphi 3.jpg
Image:Access 1 1 cover.jpg
Image:Emergency Encounters cover.png



Captured screens[edit]

Image:Tracon 1.jpg
Image:ROSS screenshot.png
Image:IBM Current screenshot.png

Telecom sounds[edit]

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Navigation templates[edit]

Created templates:[edit]

Template:Trunked radio systems
Template:Two-way radio

Worked to fill templates:[edit]

Template:Butte County, California (added unincorporated communities)
Template:Kern County, California (added unincorporated communities)
Template:Riverside County, California (added unincorporated communities)
Template:San Benito County, California (added unincorporated communities)
Template:San Diego County, California (added unincorporated communities)
Template:San Mateo County, California (added unincorporated communities)
Template:Santa Clara County (added unincorporated communities)

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