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Note from David L Rattigan: I have not been active on Wikipedia since some time in 2006. I may return from time to time. :)

Visit my website: David L Rattigan, Freelance Writer

David L Rattigan is a Vancouver-born British-Canadian living in St Catharines in Ontario.

He is a writer, teacher and communicator. His qualifications are:

He has worked in pastoral ministry in British Columbia as a Pentecostal and evangelical, but is now an openly gay liberal Anglican. He writes extensively on the Web about his fundamentalist past and spiritual abuse.

Aside from theology, biblical studies and religion, Dave's main area of interest are film, the arts and Linguistics.

Wiki stuff[edit]

Important things I want to say about Wikipedia[edit]

  • Having a bias or an opinion does not disqualify you from editing an article on Wikipedia. Being incapable of putting your own opinions aside and writing from an NPOV does disqualify you.
  • Wikipedia is not paper. Quit acting like there's going to be a national shortage of webspace if someone writes an article Joe Juggs, the inventor of the Dagenham Drudgedipper.

What I like about Wikipedia[edit]

I like that Wikipedia is preserving information and history that no one else would have thought of preserving. That's why it ticks me off when I hear someone dismiss an article as "not notable" and then vote for its deletion accordingly. If something was "notable", we'd just open the Encyclopaedia Britannica and read it there. But there are things that are never going to find their way into a standard encyclopaedia, simply because they don't fall into the received view of what's worthy of being recorded. The beauty of Wikipedia is that it is not only edited by "people", but its content is selected by people. I love that.

See this article for how my view fits into official Wikipedia policy.

Wikipedia pages I find helpful[edit]

And I particularly like this rule:

Why do you make multiple redirects?[edit]

  • First, I am addicted to Wikipedia, and sometimes I have to find something to do just to get my fix
  • Second, I am committed to making Wikipedia as user-friendly as possible, and redirects for names, titles and subjects that are frequently mispelled are really helpful to people

Why do you hang out at AfD?[edit]

Wikipedia:Articles for deletion is a place I hang out occasionally because I am not a big fan of the notion of notability. I like to go in and help rescue articles that someone has decided isn't "notable", which usually means something more like, "It doesn't exist in my little world." While the notion of notability is often cited as an authority in AfD discussions, it is not in fact official Wikipedia policy. I think notability sucks. I'm an inclusionist. I get rattled with people who act like the web is going to implode if someone adds a few unnecessary sentences about an obscure subject.

However, there are a handful of official Wikipedia policies that I care about, and where articles clearly violate them, I am happy to vote for deletion. Two of those are "neutral point of view" and "no original research". A third is a "guideline" rather than a policy: Vanity. I feel pretty strongly about all three.

Wikipedia articles started by David L Rattigan[edit]

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Missing Wikipedia articles (which I might get around to starting)[edit]

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