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David "Big Mac" Shepheard[edit]

Things I am interested in[edit]

Stuff I like:

Things I have edited or created on Wikipedia[edit]

  • Lasertag - I added stuff about 'Lazer Tag Team Ops' in the 'Lasertag systems' section, added stuff about '[live action role playing]' to the 'Types of games' section, added a link to a page with 'Lazer Tag' slang in the 'Lasertag slang' section and also added a couple more Lazer Tag external links. (I didn't have a user ID then).
  • List of Spelljammer novels - I wrote this article which was merged back into the main Spelljammer article.
  • List_of_Spelljammer_crystal_spheres - I changed the title of this article from 'List of Spelljammer solar systems' because not all crystal spheres contain solar systems. I also added the collective name 'Radiant Triangle' to the article. At some point I am going to go back and start adding other crystal spheres to this page (as it currently only shows three of the many spheres that were made).
  • Spelljammer - I've done a ton of work with this. There was a great deal of information missing from this page when I first joined Wikiepdia. I altered information that implied SJ was a science fiction game. I also added a lot of the information that made up the 'The Fantasy Astrophysics of Spelljammer' section. I added the 'Spelljammer and Dungeons & Dragons (3rd edition)' section to show that Spelljammer is a living setting. I added detailed information about the various game products. Some people wanted to merge role playing and non-role playing material together but I pursuaded them that wasn't in the interest of people trying to understand the setting. I added the fan created material (also to let people know that Spelljammer is a 'living' campaign) and included only the 'official' products from BtM and other official websites. As already mentioned my list of SJ novels got stuck back here and after looking at some other pages I added the ISBN numbers. I also researched the names of the SJ magazines (strangely some have the same name as each other). As well as this, I also added a few images. Quite a few of my additions and changes to this page got adjusted, especially as I was just starting out on Wikipedia at that time. The first image of the SJ logo I uploaded got deleted, but fortunately someone has uploaded a better one. Although my original work is not all on this page, my chages seemed to make a lot of people come in and edit this old article and the resulting article is 1000 percent better than it was before - that was my only intention so I am very happy. (You can see some of the comments I got about the SJ page in my talk page and on the discussion page of the main article.)

I've also posted a few things into categories, but I won't mention them or this page will turn into an epic.

Places outside Wilkipedia where you can see my work[edit]

If you are really interested in me then here is where you can find more of me:

  • I am webmaster for the Virtual Eclipse (a science fiction role playing club)
  • I chat to friends in the Public Mouth group
  • I also spend some time talking to webmasters at the Sveit community.
  • I am the administrator of Spelljammer Wiki, which hopes to become a reliable secondary source about all aspects of the Spelljammer Campaign Setting and create articles about subjects that would not be allowed on Wikipedia.

Want to ask me something or tell me something?[edit]

Pop over to my discussion page and say hi.