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Also known as "First Amongst Daves" as seen on Google. And to my surprise one of the top 2000 editors here.

Intellectual property lawyer based in Perth, Western Australia, Australia (having returned there on 1 October 2003 after being in Hong Kong for 3 years). Lived in Osaka for a while in 1996-1997.

Married to Maria (from Stockholm, explaining my interest in things Swedish) and with two daughters: Imogen and Isabella.

Dave's message boards with new and exciting photographs of our daughters Imogen and Isabella, for those idly curious.

Talk to David Stewart here: User talk:David Stewart But since I rarely come here anymore, you're better off trying the message board in the link.

New entries thus far:

Almost Famous People

Charles Yelverton O'Connor-- Antonio Fortich -- Felix de Weldon-- Hartley Shawcross -- Hiroo Onada -- Zhou Zhengyi -- Mikhail Khodorkovsky -- Andrey Vlasov -- William Boeing-- Konosuke Matsushita -- Akito Morita -- Soichiro Honda -- Iola Nikitchenko -- Mary Gaudron -- Malcolm Turnbull -- Eiji Toyoda -- Andrew Li


Margaret River-- Rottnest Island--Murdoch University -- University of Western Australia -- List of Judges of the High Court of Australia -- High Court of Australia - Gage Roads


Gamla Stan--Algarve--Biarritz--Museo del Prado--San Fermin

The Far East

Hong Kong Basic Law--Sino-British Joint Declaration--Hong Kong Basic Law Article 23-- Ruins of St Paul's Cathedral -- Discovery Bay -- Soho, Hong Kong -- Lan Kwai Fong -- Xihu Trough -- Halong Bay-- Uji -- Kanazawa--Kurashiki--Byodoin

Intellectual Property Hong Kong trademark law--Australian trademark law--US trademark law--People's Republic of China's trademark law--entertainment law--personality rights--chain of title--sound trademarks--idea-expression divide - collective trade mark -- certification mark -- parallel importation -- doctrine of international exhaustion -- ghost mark

International Treaties and Resolutions

Hague Convention -- UN Security Council Resolution 940--Madrid Agreement

Law, generally

security for costs--law of costs--blackmail--bootlegging--Gutnick v. Dow Jones--droit de seigneur--witness protection program--escrow -- citizen's arrest-- aggravated assault -- list of jurists


Irish Crown Jewels--Lucifer (Vertigo)--Katara--Chandler wobble--photic sneeze reflex--yawn--sneeze--laughter--tickling--sea salt--Jolly Roger--Gordian Knot--keelhauling--piggy bank--myclonic twitch--houri--reverse rotation effect--stratum corneum -- rail gauge -- peace symbol -- Mach band

Plus many de-stubbings, which I can't be bothered to list here.