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David notMD is my nom on various forums and chats. I chose it because I was arguing with someone who's forum name was David MD. Signed up with Wikipedia in 2006 and am currently between 700 and 1000 edits.

SCIENCE TOPICS: I have a doctorate in nutritional biochemistry from MIT (from when the school still had a Nutrition department). My career has been in industry as opposed to academia or government - primarily R&D for functional foods and dietary supplements. Many of my entries have been corrections and additions to entries on dietary supplement ingredients, such as red yeast rice or SAMe, also vitamins and essential minerals. Currently I am self-employed as a science consultant to companies in the dietary supplement, performance nutrition and food industries. I am not receiving payments from clients for making changes to Wikipedia entries (and have not, and will not). In fact, none of my clients are aware of my Wikipedia activities.

HISTORY TOPICS: Since November 2009 I have been writing a history column in the Maynard, MA weekly newspaper - the Beacon-Villager. This has led to a lot of historical research on Maynard and on the Assabet River, which bisects the town. Some of my columns have been published in two books. Primary sources include the collection of the Maynard Historical Society, and the Maynard Public Library microfilm collection of local newspapers dating back >100 years.