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davidbspalding (talk · contribs)

I've been a registered user since March, 2006. Web user/developer since 1994. Internet user since 1991. Home page here. Former freelance writer, public radio producer, technology mentor, U.S. Coast Guard avionics tech and aircrewman, musician, film student (USC). Strictly a Wikipedia newbie, but catching on fast.

I usually reply to any post on my talk page, as I'm still learning fundamentals and stylistic conventions of WP. Please feel free to leave me a message about any concern or correction.

I'm a San Francisco native, have lived and worked in the South many years, currently residing in Durham, NC and working for a a Linux company.


IMHO Wikimedia is about the neatest application of WWW tech since, oh, XHTML and the OEBPS, or custom portal pages. Generally, I'm learning as I go. I'm about as excited about Wikipedia as I was about computers in the mid-1970s, and the WWW in 1994.

Generally I like to:

  • Add to topics I have some knowledge of,
  • Clean up language issues,
  • Patrol recent changes (a-vandal huntin' we will go, hi-ho the merry-o...)
  • Learn something new each day, and add to topics based on my escapades in learning. I reserve the right to be a dumbass, or inadvertantly break a page; I also reserve the privilege to fix my screw-ups as soon as I'm (made) aware of them. ;)
  • I've created a few Userboxes when I feel pretty darn sure that no one has done one like it.

Yes, as you can see, I am a sci-fi geek. I grew up that way, before anyone heard of Star Wars(original) or Star Trek(movies, spin-off series) or Battlestar Galactic(either).

Some pages I've invested in[edit]

Template:Tracy Hepburn films

2001: A Space Odyssey (film) – 2005 Sony BMG CD copy protection scandal – A Christmas Story – A Matter of Life and Death (film) – Albert Spalding – American Film Theater – Anchor Bay Entertainment – Ancient Order of the Pterodactyl – Batman Returns – Blue Peter (disambiguation) – Bluetooth – Bodhrán – CompuServe – Cyberspace – DR-DOS – Dassault Falcon – Dick Smith (make-up artist) – Discovery One – Dolby Pro Logic – EVA Pod – Electronic Frontier Foundation – Elmer Fowler Stone – Film – Filmmaking – Fire in the Sky – Heywood R. Floyd – High-definition television – History of Microsoft Windows – Idiocracy – Jargon File – Jefferies tube – Ken Takakura – List of 2001: A Space Odyssey trivia – Manhunter (film) – Mr. Baseball – NC-4 – Open eBook – Oral sex – Pan and scan – Peter Bogdanovich – Rescue on Fractalus! – Rick Baker – Robert Mulligan – Rogue (computer game) – Start menu – THX – The Hacker Crackdown – The Haunting (1963 film) – The Innocents (film) – The Last Wave – The Other – The Wicker Man – The Wind and the Lion – The Yakuza – Tricorder – Turner Classic Movies – U.S. Coast Guard in popular culture – Vincent (film) – Voight-Kampff machine – Wah Chang – Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory – Category:United States Coast Guard Aviation


  • Film
    • Sci-fi, horror, fantasy film
    • Star Trek
    • Classic studio pictures
      • Special visual effects
  • Computing
  • Music
    • Irish Traditional music (play bodhran and bones)
    • Space music (as defined by Stephen Hill)

Et cetera[edit]

I've had my own domain, for quite a while. I got rid of when spam got out of hand, and picked up instead. Claims to fame? I've a few ... saved lives and intercepted airborne drug smugglers in the USCG (I was an avionics tech[1] and flew in jets), reviewed music and film, produced an ambient music program for public radio, sysop'ed on CompuServe, wrote about cyberban legends, hoaxes and malware on the Internet before most people did,.... I'm also a contributor to Memory Alpha. (I'm an old, old school Trekkie.)

Templates I like: {{about|use1|use2|page2}} | {{unsigned2|time|user}} | {{quotation|quote|author|source}} | {{reflist}}{{refbegin}}bibliography footnotes{{refend}} | {{Non-free poster}} | {{Non-free promotional}} | {{Non-free film screenshot}} | {{sectstub}} | {{POV-statement}}{{fact}}{{who}}{{or}} | {{cite web}} | {{cite book}} | {{multiple issues}} Example of a gallery: <gallery>Image:Loney dear mg 6562.jpg|Emil Svanängen Image:Loney dear mg 6604.jpg|Malin Ståhlberg Image:Loney dear mg 6560.jpg </gallery> | Information (for images)

Template Message table (very cool)


  1. ^ Si, se habla MIL-STD-1553