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If I have made a mistake[edit]

The majority of my edits are made in the course of RC Patrolling. Much of my work in this area is done using automated tools, and as such, I may make mistakes due to the relatively minimal amount of time that is spent on each individual edit check. As such, if I appear to have erroneously reverted a genuine, constructive edit, please accept my apologies and re-apply your edits to the page concerned.

There isn't much point in contacting me in the event of a mistake, since I rarely go back to pages I've checked while RC patrolling after the initial revert (unless the vandalism appears persistent).


Contacting me[edit]

I can be contacted via my talk page or by e-mail (through Wikipedia). I am also frequently in the #wikipedia IRC channel (it's where all the cool kids hang out).


I'm using too many scripts to remember what they all are, so you may as well read my monobook.js file. My boundless respect goes to the clever people who stuck all this stuff together - I wouldn't be able to live with manually doing edit summaries, warnings etc. any more ;)


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