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Davshul was born in 1947 in London, UK and has lived in Israel since 1979. His main interests include history, Jewish studies (he is the webmaster of a genealogical/historical website relating to Jewish communities and congregations that have existed at any time in the British Isles), geography, current affairs, music and has a wide range of interests in other subjects.

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Articles created by me[edit]

The following are among the articles created or recreated by me:

Benjamin Akzin; Gedaliah Alon; Yitzhak Arieli; Avraham Arnon; Manfred Aschner; Gad Avigad; Yitzhak Baer; Ze'ev Ben-Haim; Yaakov Ben-Tor; Zeev Ben-Zvi; Joseph Bentwich; Bernstein Prize; Yehoshua Bertonov; Arthur Biram; Shimon Fritz Bodenheimer; Brenner Prize; Yehuda Burla; Howard Cedar; Ya'akov Cohen (writer); Dan David; Paltiel Daykan; Amos de-Shalit; Mark Dvorzhetski; Shlomo Dykman; Avraham Fahn; David Sidney Feingold; Dina Feitelson Research Award; Flag of the British Mandate of Palestine; Karl Frankenstein; Ezra Fleischer; Yosef Zvi HaLevy; Haim Hazaz; Hebrew Writers Association in Israel; Ovadia Hedaya; Lipman Heilprin; Isaac Heinemann; Shlomo Hestrin; Netanel Hochberg; Oleh Hornykiewicz; Shmuel Horowitz; Israel–Kosovo relations; Israel–Sweden relations; Dov Karmi; Ada Karmi-Melamede; Rachel Katznelson-Shazar; Yehuda Kiel; Yechezkel Kutscher; Yitzhak Lamdan; Lamdan Prize; Siegfried Lehman; Yohanan Levi; Jacob Levitzki; Alfred Mansfeld; Meir Margalit (actor); Aaron Maskin; Leo Aryeh Mayer; Isaac Michaelson; Shlomo Morag; Netzarim Junction bicycle bombing; Aryeh Leo Olitzki; Franz Ollendorff; Hillel Oppenheimer; Leo Picard; Moshe Rachmilewitz; Aharon Razin; Israel Reichart; Shabtai Rosenne; Nathan Rotenstreich; Scitex Corporation; Moshe Zvi Segal; Mordechai Seter; Abraham Shalit; Benjamin Shapira; Nathan Sharon; David Shimoni; Haim Shirman; Zalman Shneur; Gershon Shufman; Zvi Sliternik; Eliezer Smoli; Eliezer Steinman; Shmuel Stoller; Selig Suskin; Tchernichovsky Prize; Gad Tedeschi; Jacob van der Hoeden; Jon J. van Rood; Akiva Vroman; Haim Ernst Wertheimer; Hanoch Yelon; Joseph Zaritsky; Shlomo Zemach, Moshe Zilberg.

Israel Prize[edit]

List of Israel Prize recipients[edit]

Among the articles to which I have made a significant contribution is the List of Israel Prize recipients, having totally reformatted the article and completed the list by adding the names and details of all recipients of the Prize since its inception (more than 80% of the recipients were not previously listed).

BoNM - Israel.png The Israeli Barnstar of National Merit
I, Ynhockey, hereby award you the Barnstar of National Merit for your contributions to Israel Prize-related articles. Please keep up the good work!

Articles on individual Israel Prize recipients[edit]

I have, so far, created nearly 100 new articles on individual recipients of the Israel Prize (included in the list above) and have also expanded (and in many cases reformatted) each of the several hundred pre-existing articles.

Categories relating to Israel Prize recipients[edit]

Added a substantial number of new subcategories "sub-subcategories" (there are now over 60).

Other Prizes[edit]

Bialik Prize[edit]

Reformatted the article Bialik Prize, including the chronological lists of recipients, added details of all recipients from the inception of the prize in 1933 and added a complete list of recipients in alphabetical order. I have expanded nearly all (approximate 80) existing articles on individual recipients of the Bialik Prize.

Nobel Prize laureates[edit]

Reviewed the individual articles on each of the approximate 800 Nobel laureates in order to ensure that, in each case, the article includes a category (or categories) of the Nobel laureate by his or her nationality, as well as the category in which the Nobel prize was awarded and the appropriate Nobel template. Well over 500 categories were added by me (including over 250 "American Nobel laureates", which category was previously populated by only 20-30 individual). Created over 35 new categories relating to Nobel Prize laureates, as well as making ancillary changes to the articles, templates and existing categories.

Other Categories[edit]

Extensive involvement in expanding and reorganizing various Categories and sub-categories. Among the areas in which I have taken an active interest are the following:

Categories relating to Ancient, Medieval, 16th-century, 17th-century physicians and 18th-century physicians[edit]

I have created some sixty new subcategories (only four previously existed), including, among others: Ancient Jewish physicians; Medieval Jewish physicians; 16th century Jewish physicians, Medieval Arab physicians; Medieval Spanish physicians; Medieval English physicians; 16th century Italian physicians, 17th century Dutch physicians, Ancient women physicians; and Medieval women physicians, and re-allocated all physicians previously listed in the parent category to one or more of the subcategories. I have also added many physicians not previously listed.

Have also created a number of sub-subcategories, in particular, with regard to Medieval Jewish physicians and 16th century Jewish physicians, indicating the country in which such physician lived.

Categories relating to Ambassadors of Israel[edit]

Many new subcategories created, all being reference in the articles, rather than the parent category.

Categories following the dissolution of the Netherlands Antilles[edit]

Reorganised the sub-categories of the former Netherlands Antilles and its six former constituent parts following the dissolution of the Netherlands Articles, including the creation of over 100 new categories and numerous ancillary edits.