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Caspio, Inc.[edit]

Classified as both a software-as-a-service (SaaS) and a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) provider,Caspio, Inc. is a developer of a web application creation platform as well as pre-built web applications.

Caspio’s flagship service, Caspio Bridge, is a web-based database platform that allows its users to create interactive web applications without the need for programming. The “do-it-yourself” database platform is designed to allow tech-savvy business users to quickly create commonly used web forms, databases, and enterprise management applications. Caspio Bridge users also have access to a family of pre-built, or ‘ready-made-apps’ such as website marketing suite, task management, e-commerce, membership management, lead generation, and a number of specialized apps including recipe guide and voter guide that are designed for digital media websites.

Caspio's customers range from one-person entrepreneurs to Fortune-500 corporations, digital media companies, government agencies, and educational institutions. Over 70% of America’s largest newspapers use Caspio Bridge.

Caspio was founded in 2000 by Frank Zamani, who is currently its President and CEO. The company released the first version of Caspio Bridge in 2001. Corporate headquarters are located in Mountain View, California. Caspio, Inc. is a privately-held corporation.[1]


Caspio Bridge is a hosted central database management platform that facilitates the creation of web applications, web forms, and web-based searchable databases. The platform utilizes point-and-click wizards, enabling non-developers to rapidly produce web database components for capturing, publishing, and managing data online. The web-based software guides users through building custom applications by combining web forms, database searches, reports, widgets, password protection, mobile applications, email triggers, and more.

Caspio’s pre-built applications for lead generation, task management, and online ordering speed deployment even more and can be quickly tailored to the requirements and design of the user’s website. The Caspio Bridge backend is built on Microsoft’s .Net framework and Microsoft SQL Server.

Current Platform Version[edit]

Caspio released version 6.0 of its Caspio Bridge service in September 2008. Notable upgrades include:

Location-Based Applications: Geocentric capabilities including application mashups with Yahoo! or Google maps, distance search, and mass geo-coding for assigning location tags to records in large databases.

CAPTCHA for SPAM and Harvesting Prevention: Single-click insertion of CAPTCHA human verification technology for any application to prompt users to enter security codes when submitting forms and searches, effectively blocking SPAM and data-harvesting robots.

AJAX Interactivity and Web 2.0 Integration: Features such as cascading dropdowns and listboxes for dynamic granular filtering are included in the platform, and integration with popular social networking and e-commerce sites such as YouTube, flickr, and PayPal allows Caspio customers to further enhance the Web 2.0 features of their applications.


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