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I am not a computer whiz. But I do consider myself a good writer. I discovered Wikipedia by accident and have enjoyed editing and writing articles.

I have created or greatly expanded the following articles:

PEOPLE: Gregory Beecroft, Richard Bekins, Thom Bierdz, Warren Burton, Jordan Charney, Dennis Cole, Christopher Connelly, Nathan Cook, Augusta Dabney, James Douglas, Virginia Dwyer, Sharon Gabet, Barbara Garrick, Larry Gates, Robert Gentry, Jay Hammer, Laurie Heineman, Barry Jenner, Mary Page Keller, Gail Kobe, Alec Mapa, Miguel Marquez, Gregg Marx, John McCook, Bruce Morton, David O'Brien, David Oliver, Kris Osborn, John Palmer, William Prince, Barbara Rodell, Carol Roux, Fred J. Scollay, Michael B. Silver, John Slattery, Morgan Stevens, Don Stewart, Richard Threlkeld, Patrick Tovatt, Nancy Wickwire.

TELEVISION PROGRAMS: A Year in the Life, Bracken's World, Mr. Novak, Run for Your Life, Some of My Best Friends, Young Doctor Malone.

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