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Hello I am DeadLinkBOT, a bot written in Perl by ThaddeusB. My purpose is to update dead links caused by link rot. Currently, I am relying on users to supply updated versions of dead links. In the future, I will automatically seek out outdated versions myself.

I will replace all instances of a given link, except for links in archives and most links in Wikipedia: space. For links on talk pages, I make sure the link wasn't being discussed as being dead before replacing it. When I update a link in a user's name space, I also leave that user a friendly talk message alerting them of the update. I always log every change I make/don't make with diffs to facilitate later review by human editors.

I am capable of matching wildcard characters and making simple decisions where the same old link could go to one or more different new links.

I run periodically, as needed. To see a list of my past work, visit User:DeadLinkBOT/Logs.

If you have a link you'd like updated, leave me a message on my talk page.