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Christian-->Anglican-->Episcopal Church, USA

Ethnic Background[edit]

Ethnicity Flag  % Names Area/Cities !
British Flag of the United Kingdom.svg
-> English Flag of England.svg 18.75 Richards, Allday Wolverhampton, Birmingham, West Derby
-> Scottish Flag of Scotland.svg 6.25 Fullerton, Pyke, Carmichael, Fraser Isle of Bute
German Flag of Germany.svg
-> Hanovarian Flagge Preußen - Provinz Hannover.svg 6.25 von Locher
-> Bavarian Flag of Bavaria (lozengy).svg 6.25 Lanser/Lenzer
Italian Flag of Italy.svg 25 Cifelli Campobasso
French Flag of France.svg
-> Alsatian Flag of Alsace.svg 6.25 Grandjean, Francais Chenebier
Irish Flag of Ireland.svg 12.5 Deaghaidh County Clare
Swiss Flag of Switzerland.svg 12.5 Mischler, Yoder, Miller
Roma Flag of the Romani people.svg 3.125 Stefani Medzev
Slovakian Flag of Slovakia.svg 3.125 Wetzel Medzev



Episcopal Church[edit]

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Episcopal Church[edit]

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