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Hi, I'm DeathRattle101, better known as Gunz and occasionally Lux. I have many interests that I hope will add to existing articles and start others. My interests include: Music, Heavy metal, Rock music, Libertarianism, Realism, Politics, Literature, Reading, Instruments, Guitar, Piano, Comedy, Journalism, Comics, Horror, Philosophy, Logic, Religious studies, Linguistics, Mixed martial arts, Los Angeles, California, Mexico, Mexican heritage, Vaudeville, Knott's Halloween Haunt, Video games, Liquor, among other things.

- תڽפɀ

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I'm a musician with a passion for many styles of music. My favorite style being rock. I'm primarily a vocalist and electric guitars. I also write poetry/lyrics.

20 Favorite Artists[edit]

  1. Tom Waits
  2. The Eagles
  3. Pantera
  4. Guns N' Roses
  5. Queens of the Stone Age
  6. Creedence Clearwater Revival
  7. Led Zeppelin
  8. Johnny Cash
  9. Queen (band)
  10. Iron Maiden
  11. Dio
  12. Soundgarden
  13. Bad Religion
  14. Red Hot Chili Peppers
  15. Los Enanitos Verdes
  16. Dave Brubeck
  17. Johann Sebastian Bach
  18. Howlin' Wolf
  19. Taake
  20. Carcass (band)

10 Favorite Styles[edit]

  1. Rock
  2. Jazz
  3. Blues
  4. Folk
  5. Country
  6. Funk/Soul music
  7. Rap/Hip Hop
  8. Western music (North America)
  9. Cumbia
  10. Salsa

10 Favorite Rock Styles[edit]

  1. Heavy Metal
  2. Classic rock
  3. Grunge/Hard rock
  4. Blues rock
  5. Folk rock
  6. Country Rock
  7. Punk/Hardcore
  8. Progressive rock
  9. Funk rock
  10. Rock en Español

10 Favorite Styles of Metal[edit]

  1. Black Metal
  2. Melodic Death Metal
  3. Thrash metal
  4. Classic metal
  5. Death metal/Technical death metal
  6. Folk metal
  7. Progressive Metal
  8. Alternative metal
  9. Grindcore/Deathgrind
  10. Avant-garde metal

Favorite Writers[edit]

Favorite Comedians[edit]

Favorite Movies[edit]

Favorite Video Games[edit]

My Heroes[edit]

Favorite Alcohol[edit]