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I am leaving WIKIPEADIA and will never come back. Goodbye.03 May 2007[edit]


  • This user is MD [Doctor of Medicine].
  • This user is Cardiologist.
  • This user is inventer of 4 Dimentional Electrocardiography [1] machine.
  • This user is Ph.D.[Doctor of Philosophy] in medicine.
  • This user is practising in Modern Western Medicine.
  • This user is practicing in Ayurveda, the Indian system of medicine.
  • This user is practitoner of Homoeopathy.
  • This user is inventer of Electrotridoshagraphy [2] technology.
  • This user is Proffessor of medical sciences.
  • This user is examiner in medicine in some university.
  • This user is associated with the world class Internationally reputed institution of Ayurveda engaging in the higher level research activities.
  • This user mother tongue is Baisavari and Awadhi/Hindi.
  • This user writes,understand Gurumukhi [Punjabi] Language well.
  • This user can read and understand Urdu,Gujarati and Bengali language.
  • This user writes, understand English and German Language well.
  • This user can read and understand Russian and French language.
  • This user visited Nepal, Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, Bulgaria, Yugoslovakia, Chekoslovakia, Hungary, Austria, Holland, Germany, Polland etc.
  • This user is highly against the removal/delition of any article from Wikipedia without understanding well the subject matters.Most of the deleted articles were removed by the foolishness of the so called big minded editors. These deleted articles were created by the great efforts of the experts of the subject matters and having very important informations.
  • This user is highly against those editors, who do not know the subject matters well and uselessly inserting their legs in the subject matters, which polutes the well worked articles.

This user is a well wisher of WIKIPEDIA and wants wikipedia a reliable, competent, genuine source of information of all kinds and nature, comparatively more and most reliable to other encyclopeadias.[edit]

I congratulate the organisers of the Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopeadia management group for giving such a good collection of collections.

I am very much fedup with the behaviours of the editors. Most of them are ignorent, not having sufficient knowledge with the technical subjects, lacking in the sufficient knowledge about the subject matters.They are making very big blunders and I have seen that that very serious subjects are edited by the 22 years old students, who are challenging the research of the 90 years old personalities. It is a matter of sorry stage. By the act of these so called intelligent editors, wikipedia is going to be unsafe for reference purposes, and I think if we have not done any concrete steps against these anomalies, one day will come, when the collected matters wil be seen as unreliable sources.

I will suggest some step to avoid these anomalies:

  • 1- There should be a proxy page apart from the main page. If any editor want to change any matter he should do changes in the proxy page.
  • 2-A group of known editor's pannel should be deputed, who watch the matter of proxy page and if they understand that the matter is essential and important to include in the main page this should be done through the pannel of editors.
  • 3- All the changes in the main article page should be banned.
  • 4- If anybody like to say any thing , he is free to use talk page.
  • 5- Removal of article or delition of article should be banned immediately. Before delition of any article, there should be a big discussion, why and for what they want to delete the article. Many editors have done blunders and they have deleted many articles without understanding the value of the articles.

Homoeopathy Regarding[edit]

I am practicing Homoeopathy and teaching undergraduate and Post graduate students in medical college.I have inevented a technology, which quantify the status of the Homoeopathic miasms i.e Psora. Sycosis , Syphilis, with their presence and intensity in Human body.I named it Electro-homoeo-graphy [ EHG]. EHG will prove the scintificity of the Homoepathy in evidence level.In Wikipedia, I contributed to Classical Homoeopathy page, with my best efforts. I collected matter what was required to make page encyclopedic with great labor. I became much grieved when one day I saw that Classical Homoeopathy page was deleted by some those, who do not know about the doctrine of Homoeopathy. This shocked me. I have got my advance level education in Homoeopathy from Muenchen [Munich], Germany.

About 99.99999999% people, who are discussing on Talk:Homoeopathy page, donot understand , what is Homoeopathy ? Sometimes it looks that majority of "Mads" are fighting aimlessly.

Ayurveda Regarding[edit]

I am practicing Ayurveda. I am teaching Ayurveda at Post doctoral level in reputed institues. Now I have invented Electrotridoshagraphy [ETG] technology, which quantifies the status of Ayurvedic Basic principles. With the help of ETG technology, Ayurveda is now able to prove its effectiveness in most scientific manner and in evidence based. The technology quantifies the status of Ayurvedic principles and a full body scan diagnoses the diseased parts and anomalies. I am engaged in the ETG development project, undertaken by the Government of India.

Modern Western Medicine/Allopathy Regarding[edit]

I am practicing Modern Western Medicine, which is known Allopathy also. I am basically a Cardiologist and specialist of chronic disorders. I have invented 4 dimensional Electrocardiography machines, which have better features, not found in conventional ECG/EKG machines.

Besides these therapies, I practice in Acupuncture, Physiotherapy, Yoga and nature cures etc.

I, [born 20 Nov 1945] still prefer to use Homoeopathy and Ayurveda , herbal medications for the ailments. I work 10 hours daily in my Hospital and pharmacy to prepare medicine. My patients prefer to take Homoeopathic and Ayurvedic treatment, which I provide them. I am totally depending on my medical practice that gives me bred and butter.

In complicated ailing conditions, I use Allopathic, Ayurvedic and Homoeopathic mixed treatment very successfully. It gave a tremendous and fantastic cure results.

I think this is the time for taking hard steps to save the wikepidea as unreliable sources of information.

I prefer to write on the talk pages of the subject related matter, because I feel free myself to express my views.

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Hi! Thanks for your kind comments. I would be willing to come to India...when and how long for? What about funding and accommodation? I will seriously consider any sensible offer. thanks Peter morrell 13:02, 6 June 2006 (UTC)

Sorry that you have been the subject to such vicious ad hominem attacks and me too! Please keep contributing and try to ignore such unpleasant and disrepesctful behaviour. I'm sure you have much that is valuable to contribute. Peter morrell 08:13, 7 June 2006 (UTC)

Sir i have seen your contribution on Ayurveda page. I just want to ask are you a ayurveda doctor? 11:43, 22 December 2006 (UTC)

Why leave Wiki? Expell the fools.[edit]

Sir,You should not leave Wiki. There is a gang of ignorant young men who have an anti-India agenda. They are not interested in facts, but merely want to impose a Eurocentric viewpoint. These vandals use polite language, know and use the rules of Wiki, and are trying to harass the more knowledgeable contributors in order to make them leave Wiki. Please learn the rules of edit war and join Wiki again. I have seen some these editors calling Ayurveda a pseudoscience. Those who are more sophisticate eulogise Ayurveda when a dispute arises, but in practice encourage their gangmen to launch an attack on good articles. If you do not want to waste your time over these sophisticate and polite vandals, please help others. Enable your 'email this user' feature, so that I could send you some important message.Editors half my age are deliberately deleting my well researched articles without even allowing a discussion on the talk page which is Wiki norm, because they think Wiki is their private property. They target you because you used swastika,Ayurveda,etc. - Vinay Jha