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Hello my real name is Dave Atkins and many years ago I was lucky enough to work in some early electronic telephone exchanges. They were TXE1, TXE2, TXE4 and TXE6. These have all now been replaced with other systems and that is why my very good friend User:Mark126 and I have created the TXE page on Wiki. I was also lucky enough to have two spells working at Bletchley Park, one before anything was known about the code breaking and one after it had been made public knowledge. I was also privileged to work at Horwood House as a tutor for about five years when it was the BT management college.

My other interests are Master and Slave Clocks, Walking sticks, Computer history and both World Wars and Arnhem in particular.

Very sadly, Dave Atkins died in January 2017. Mark126 18:01, 22 July 2017 (UTC)

Wiki Pages that I have started[edit]

Greatly assisted by User:Mark126

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