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"oft ere now in heedless mood through the long hours of night have I wondered why man's life is spoiled; and it seems to me their evil case is not due to any natural fault of judgment, for there be many dowered with sense, but we must view the matter in this light: by teaching and experience to learn the right but neglect it in practice, some from sloth, others from preferring pleasure of some kind or other to duty."

-Euripdies, Hippolytus, translated by E.P. Coleridge.

critics comment on my writing[edit]

"OK, Wikipedia soapbox here. As I've said before and elsewhere, only someone who is, well, naive would believe that Wikipedia editors have a NPOV. Face it, they're not paid. Why then do all the hours of time-consuming work if they're not paid? Because they are paid, just not monetarily; they have a strong incentive to edit. Some do it altruistically, for the good of a community encyclopaedic resource. Others do it to promote a certain POV, namely, one with which they (strongly) agree. These editors are not neutral. From the evidence you present, decora evidently is one of these."


"It is juvenile, subjective, and pretty much fucking stupid to use both wikipedia and ./ to pass an Op.Ed as a statement of historical fact."


". . . you are still a dishonest slimeball independently of what you believe about the case. It's not just your beliefs that define you, but also your actions."


- "This is an opinion statement and could be considered defamation of character of the company. These articles don't provide enough detail or related information to write something as if it is fact."

- "Sounds like you don't understand how this site works."

- "perhaps the Awlaki family should be advised to sue for libel against something that's so obviously libelous.. "

On bad sources[edit]

Wikipedia has a policy of referencing things using 'verifiable sources'. This is not always good enough. Here are some examples (some regard articles i've edited, some don't).

1. Millions of people join protests using the photo of a martyr that is not really the photo of a martyr but the photo of an ordinary teacher with the same name. Then the Iranian secret police get involved... and it goes downhill from there.

"But it was also very shocking to see my face side-by-side with the video of Agha-Soltan. When I saw people all over the world demonstrating with my photo, putting up shrines, lighting candles - it was just like sitting there and watching my own funeral. . . . . [The Iranian security forces] accused me of betraying the national security of my country. I was charged with being a spy for the CIA and told to sign a confession. I knew very well that such an accusation could end in a death sentence for me in Iran . . . . Looking back, the people I am most angry with are the Western media. They kept using my photo even though they knew it was not a picture of the real victim in that tragic video. They knowingly exposed me to extreme danger." - from , 14 November 2012 Last updated at 10:33 ET , Neda Sultani, mixed up with Neda Agha-Soltan on Facebook.

2. BBC + ITV error causes mob attack on innocent man, "Trial by Twitter", "witch hunt" on Blogs and youtube

"This has been a shameful period for the BBC and I hope they will learn from it. As for the people on social networking sites, this should serve as a salutary lesson about the harm they can do by jumping on a bandwagon. It’s trial by internet and my brother was assumed guilty without any proof." - William McAlpine, 2012

3. NPR's This American Life retracts story of Apple and Mike Daisy

When they retracted it, I had just edited Apple's article to add info and cited Daisy ---- but i didnt cite only Daisy. I used independently corroborated sources, that had been reported years previously as well, and did not include information that couldn't be independently verified. So the facts I added were right... but it was a close call. If I had trusted only Daisy, I might have added false garbage to Apple's article. User:Jojhutton, soon after, removed the Daisy citations.

This is particularly disturbing because a lot of writing about the crash of 2008, and Magnetar Capital, were based (originally) on a TAL story. However, that was TAL teaming up with Pro Publica, a prize winning journalism group, whereas Mike Daisy was a comedian with a one man show. Still. You gotta be careful.

4. BBC retracts story about Band Aid

“The BBC wishes to make clear that these statements should not have been broadcast, and to apologise unreservedly to the Band Aid Trust for the misleading and unfair impression which was created. The BBC also wishes to apologise to Sir Bob Geldof for implying that he had declined to be interviewed because he thought the subject too sensitive to be discussed openly,” it will say.

The Telegraph

5. History Channel, BBC, get a few things wrong regarding the Lady Be Good crash

6. Numerous unknown persons misrepresent the reliability of the decrypted Venona documents

Svetlana Chervonnaya has some interesting comments about Venona, whether you think her website meets 'wikipedia policy' or not, what she says makes sense. Also, she is an academic and a journalist.

7. New York Times, James Risen, Gerth, publish lies about Wen Ho Lee.

In 1999 the nation was in a tizzy over the "Chinese Spy" in 1999, the same time a few little noticed Saudi Arabians were in the US learning to fly airplanes so they could do 9/11. Ali Soufan's book, not to mention the Richard Blee story, show the true cost of shitty journalism and 'mob frenzies' in the media.

8. Soviet forgeries during the cold war

Ya can't always trust everything ya read.

9. The CBS retracts story after George Bush air national guard documents are proven to be forgeries

This is a particularly interesting case about the relationship between ideology, party, and quality of research. Too bad Im too lazy to look up a link.

Sam Donaldson tells Ali G what 'bias' is[edit]

'... we have an idea of the way things are, without reference to what we actually can see" - sam donaldson to Ali G youtube

To Do[edit]

Special Administrative Measures

Credit Derivatives Users Association

Alyaksandr Kazulin


Яна Полякова из Солигорска

the dynamo and the virgin

wanda von, bavaria, princes.

wikisource of schedule-a

list of CDOS

National Labour Committee

London conference on nazi gold

supreme court case about men framed for murder, prosecutor defies constitution

china black jails

raffinate / tronox / carl icahn

uk sent away children

semgroup louis freeh report

org charts from 2002 CIA "Consumer's guide to intelligence".

NFIB history

Ocean Ranger oil rig

Penn Square bank

Fusion Centers

Sophie Tolstoy


fix the Pavlov's House to include information from Russian documentary

the book 'factory girls'

soviet liberation of auschwitz... dates, units, commanders, reports, russian FSB, archives, accuracy...

cossacks in wwii, esp yugoslavia

pie in sky: solzhenytsin.

paul thummel

henderson nevada

bmi complex


"I believe as long as there is a push to not ask questions or dig deeper there are plenty of reasons to continue to do so. With patience and compassion, there are ways to heal, but they cannot be approached from a place of denial or ignorance."

Leah McGrath

"When a government persuades it's people it is under a terrible threat, people can easily be made to lose their moral values" -- Craig Murray

"You get the point. It doesn't matter if you're pro or not, you can still be an empty shill who stumps endlessly for whatever brain dead point of view you want."

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