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Decrypt3 is a student whose real name is Owen. He is half-American and half-Japanese.

His interests are computers and mathematics, and especially areas where the two overlap. Specifically, he is interested in computer science and cryptography. His development environment of choice is Xcode/Cocoa/Obj-C.

He is a member of Carnegie Mellon University's class of 2009 (School of Computer Science).

He is a Mac user, currently on a PBG4 and Mac Pro.

Very strongly held opinion: Times New Roman is the most overused font in the world.

His favorite book is The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series, by Douglas Adams. He has several favorite bands, including: Metallica, Rush, Iron Maiden, Tool, Def Leppard, Dream Theater and Primus. Favorite guitarist: Slash. Favorite vocalist: Chris Cornell. Favorite drummer: Neil Peart. Favorite bassist: Les Claypool.

Favorite comics: Calvin and Hobbes, Bloom County, The Far Side, For Better or For Worse. Favorite webcomics: Megatokyo, Questionable Content, Sinfest, Applegeeks, Mac Hall.

Member of WikiProject Cryptography and WikiProject Mathematics.

He is currently working on whatever is at his work-in-progress page (currently nothing; he's being a lazy bum).

Can translate from French to English.

Programming languages (in order of proficiency): Objective-C, C, Ruby, Python, Perl, Java, REALbasic, Mathematica, Visual Basic, JavaScript.

To do list[edit]

Impossible differential cryptanalysis, anything in the Open Tasks section of Wikipedia:WikiProject Cryptography. Also rewrite General number field sieve to be more comprehensible and include more practical details (like Quadratic sieve, however this requires that I understand GNFS first.) Redo Quadratic sieve example.

New pages[edit]


Baby-step giant-step (rewrite) -- Continued fraction factorization (stub, though not for long) -- Dixon's factorization method -- Floyd's cycle-finding algorithm -- Middle-square method -- Pollard's p-1 algorithm -- Pollard's rho algorithm -- Quadratic sieve -- Space-time tradeoff (stub) -- Special number field sieve (stub) -- Square-and-multiply algorithm (now merged with Exponentiating by squaring) -- Trial division


Avalanche effect -- Deniable encryption -- EFF DES cracker -- GOST (expand from stub) -- Kasiski examination -- MacGuffin (cipher) -- Madryga -- Paul Kocher (stub) -- McEliece (stub) -- NewDES -- Piling-up lemma -- Power analysis -- RSA problem -- TWIRL -- Weak key

Misc. computer science[edit]

ESP Game


Sinfest (total rewrite) -- Masterpoints -- Chris Bangle (stub) -- Convention (bridge) -- Jim Raynor -- iDrive (total rewrite) -- IndieTits -- Pécrot rail crash -- Guest comic

Joined Wikipedia January 12, 2004.

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