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Aloka Vihara
File:Bodhisattvadevi Prajnaparamita.jpg
Basic information
Location 1632 48th Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94122
Affiliation Theravadan Forest Tradition
Country United States
Completed 2004

Saranaloka Foundation is notable as one of the first organizations dedicated to supporting women monastics in the Theravadan Forest Tradition. There are numerous monasteries and support for monks, but very few opportunities for nuns in Forest Tradition.[1]

Saranaloka supports Western Theravada Buddhist Nuns in the Theravadan Forest Tradition. On a daily basis, the Foundation provides the nuns with the "Four Requisites" prescribed by the Buddha, for monastics: food, shelter, medication (health care) and cloth (robes). Saranaloka Foundation also arranges for a layperson to live with and help take care of the Ajahns, [1] who eat only between dawn and noon (1 p.m. during daylight savings), don't prepare meals and don't use money as part of their practice.



Saranaloka Foundation was established in 2004, as a charitable (non-profit) organization In 2007, the Foundation invited nuns from Chithurst and Amaravati monasteries in England to teach in the United States.

The nuns offer Dhamma talks, workshops, retreats, tea and welcome people to join them in their regular practice on Wan Phra (lunar observance days).

With the support from Ajahn Sumedho and encouragement from European Forest Sangha monastic communities, three senior nuns, Ajahn Ānandabodhī, Ajahn Mettā and Ajahn Santacittā, accepted the invitation to relocate and opened Aloka Vihara, a small monastic retreat in San Francisco, California.


Sumedho resigns



Saranaloka today[edit]

Foundation's Response: Expanded Mission[edit]

The Foundation plans to establish a permanent, rural training monastery for women.



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Friends of Saranaloka[edit]

is connected, in an unofficial capacity, to the following Centers:[2]


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