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I usually edit articles related to music.

I wrote most part of Ladytron's wiki page (before my edits) and I uploaded many Ladytron free pictures. Also I asked the owners of those previously non-free pictures from Flickr to make them free. I edited also the pages of the Ladytron members: Helen Marnie, Mira Aroyo, Reuben Wu and Daniel Hunt. I created and edited also the page for Marnie's debut album Crystal World.

I improved a lot Curve (band) wiki page (before my main edits; previously I also did other smaller edits). I also improved the pages of Curve's band members, Toni Halliday and Dean Garcia.

I improved also the pages of Metric (band) and Emily Haines and added some pictures.

I opened the pages for the bands The Hundred in the Hands and Chvrches (and made significant contributions, including opening and writing their wiki pages for albums).