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Developer(s)Alexander Tereshchenko
Written inDelphi, C++
Operating systemWindows Vista/XP/2003 Server
Available inEnglish / multilingual
TypeImage viewer
LicenseProprietary, Freeware

FuturixImager is an image viewer for Microsoft Windows. Behind minimalistic user interface it has complete feature set of modern image viewer with additional functionality of basic image editor. Unusually though it does not include any file manager or image database functionality, directing its users to dedicated file management software if required.

Unique features[edit]

  • Support for both legacy TWAIN scanning API and newer Windows Image Acquisition standard
  • Support for fast loading and zooming of huge images (larger then would normally fit in computer RAM)
  • Unusually for proprietary image viewer, FuturixImager is free for both personal and commercial use[1]
  • Plug-in API open for third-party C++ and Delphi developers


The program supports all major graphic formats (BMP, JPEG, JPEG 2000, animated GIF, PNG, PCX, TIFF, and Targa). Support for more obscure formats, like OpenEXR and FlashPix, is also provided.[2]

Since 2006 FuturixImager includes constantly updated plug-in for reading popular digital camera RAW formats (including DNG).


The first version of FuturixImager was released in November 1999 as Futuris Imager 1.0 - with incremental releases following quickly during 2000.[3]

In early 2001 a complete rewrite was released as Futuris Imager 2.0 - which featured a plug-in system (according to developer, it was the first image viewer with open plug-in system in the world).

Since mid-2005 the program was renamed as FuturixImager due to potential trademark conflict with well-known Australian ISP.[4]

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