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List of adaptations of works by Pavel Bazhov.

Chronological list[edit]

Date Type Title Source work Further info Ref.
1939 play for children The Malachite Box "The Malachite Casket" written by Pavel Bazhov [1]
1942 play for children Yermak's Swans "Yermak's Swans" written by Evgeny Permyak [2]
1944 ballet The Stone Flower "The Stone Flower" by A. Friedlender [3]
1947 play for children Silver Hoof "Silver Hoof" written by Evgeny Permyak [4]
1947 play for children Tales from the Urals (Russian: Сказы старого Урала, tr. Skazy starogo Urala) "Sinyushka's Well" and "Golden Hair" written by by Klavdiya Filippova [2]
1949 play for children Poloz's Daughter (Russian: Полозова дочка, tr. Polozova dochka) "The Great Snake" and "The Snake Trail" written by Klavdiya Filippova [5][5]
1948 suite Skazy created by Grigory Frid [6]
1949 play for children The Stone Flower "The Stone Flower" and "The Master Craftsman" written by Klavdiya Filippova [5][5]
1949 symphonic poem Mount Azov "Beloved Name" created by Alexey Muravlev [7][8]
1951 opera The Stone Flower "The Stone Flower" by Kirill Molchanov [9]
1954 ballet The Tale of the Stone Flower "The Stone Flower" by Sergei Prokofiev [10]
1956 filmstrip The Fire-Fairy "The Fire-Fairy"
1972 filmstrip The Malachite Box "The Malachite Box"
1987 play Skazy, also called The Stone Flower "The Stone Flower" play of the Maly Theatre [11]
2006 musical for Russian folk instruments Sinyushka's Well "Sinyushka's Well" written by by Svetlana Nesterova [12]
2012 opera The Malachite Casket "The Mistress of the Copper Mountain" and "The Malachite Casket" by Dmitry Batin [13]


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