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ubx-n This user communicates exclusively via userboxes.
IQ curve.svg This user provides information using user boxes for statistical reasons.
:( This user provides information using userboxes because he or she is bored.
Web This user has a website.
incl This user is an inclusionist.
even This editor is an eventualist.
άθεος This user is an atheist.

G This user will use Google before asking dumb questions.
Aquarius.svg This user is an Aquarian.
gk This user is a geek.
prog This user is a programmer.
Suurkirkko Helsinki maaliskuu 2002 IMG 0629.JPG This user lives in Helsinki. Flag of Finland.svg Uusimaa.vaakuna.svg
The Earth seen from Apollo 17.jpg This user has left the planet Earth 0 times.
Northern Hemisphere Azimuthal projections.svg This user has never left the Northern Hemisphere.
Eastern Hemisphere LamAz.png This user has never left the Eastern Hemisphere.
fi Tämän käyttäjän äidinkieli on suomi.
en-4 This user can contribute with a near-native level of English.
de-3 Dieser Benutzer hat sehr gute Deutschkenntnisse.
sv-3 Denna användare behärskar svenska flytande.
fr-1 Cet utilisateur peut contribuer avec un niveau élémentaire de français.
la-1 Hic usor simplici latinitate contribuere potest.
This user can contribute at a professional level of British English.
sar-3 This user is an advanced speaker of sarcasm.
LE-0 This individual still maintains a shred of dignity in this insane world by adhering to correct spelling, grammar, punctuation and capitalisation.
IntS-0 This user has no interest in Internet slang, or talks like an offline person.
... This user would like to know all existing languages.
AIM-Able This user understands AIM talk perfectly well, but does not seriously use it. Ever.
C-2 This user is an intermediate C programmer.
c++-2 This user is an intermediate C++ programmer.
D-3 This user is an advanced D programmer.
hs-1 This user is a beginning Haskell programmer.
Java-2 This user is an intermediate Java programmer.
js-2 This user is an intermediate JavaScript programmer.
Mathematica Logo.svg-2 This user is an intermediate Mathematica programmer.
php-2 This user is an intermediate PHP programmer.
py-1 This user is a beginning Python programmer.
re-2 This user writes intermediate regular expressions.
rb-2 This user is an intermediate Ruby programmer.
css-3 This user is an advanced Cascading Style Sheets user.
HTML-3 This user is an advanced HTML user.
xhtml-3 This user is an advanced XHTML user.
OED This user uses Oxford spelling.
they This user considers singular they standard English usage.
to¦go This user chooses to sometimes use split infinitives.
by The passive voice may be used by this user.
…in. Ending a sentence with a preposition is something that this user is okay with.
Regarding gender, this user will use the vernacular, not what is politically correct.
This user thinks that too many people have no idea how to use words that they should have learned in grade two.
whom This user insists upon using whom wherever it is called for, and fixes the errors of whomever they see.
This user typically uses "which" and "that" interchangeably.
if & whether This user knows how to use "if" and "whether" correctly.
less & fewer This user understands the difference between less & fewer.
This user thinks that there are too many people who don’t know that they're worse than their own children at spelling!
This user thinks that if your grammar is incorrect, then you’re in need of help.
. The This user does not put two spaces after a full stop.
, This user fixes comma splices. They are annoying.
A, B, and
A and B
This user uses the serial comma unless its inclusion is confusing.
its & it’s This user understands the difference between its and it’s. So should you.
’s Thi's user know's that not every word that end's with s need's an apostrophe and will remove misused apostrophe's from Wikipedia with extreme prejudice.
Crystal krfb.png This user contributes using a PC.
Own windows logo xp.svg This user contributes using Microsoft Windows XP.
Gentoo Linux logo matte.svg This user contributes using Gentoo Linux.

Firefox This user contributes using Mozilla Firefox.
BB This user contributes using a broadband connection.
Laff alert.svg This user is NOT known for taking themself too seriously.
@ This user does not wish to disclose their email or screen name.
P2P This user uses P2P file-sharing services unashamedly.
The Pirate Bay logo.svg This user supports The Pirate Bay.
w/l This user has a dual boot configuration.
Vimlogo.svg This user contributes using Vim.
1600 x 1200 This user contributes at
1600 x 1200 resolution.
IP This user's IP is ::1.
Dos prompt.svg This user once used DOS back in the day.
Thunderbird Faenza.svg This user's primary email client is Mozilla Thunderbird.
Nuvola apps kgpg.png This user is paranoid enough to possess their own PGP key!
Foobar This user uses foobar2000.
Dinnermealicon.JPG This user is an omnivore.
Milk glass.jpg This user drinks milk.
C2H5OH-0 This user is a non-drinker.
ChessSet.jpg This user enjoys chess.
ChessSet.jpg This user enjoys variants.
Go board part.jpg This user is a Go player.
Cards This user enjoys playing card games.
Tilted T Circle.svg This user enjoys playing Magic: The Gathering
cvg-4 This user is an expert gamer.
Exquisite-kfm home.png This user prefers to play games on a PC.
+ This user plays retro games. Circle - black simple.svg Circle - black simple.svg
This user is interested in video game development.


This user plays the Doom series.
MN-2 This user is an expert minesweeper.
@ This user plays NetHack.
SS2 This user remembers Citadel.
ET This user loves playing Wolfenstein:Enemy Territory.
CN This user's alignment is Chaotic Neutral: the "Free Spirit."
BlankMap-World6.svg This user is opposed to regional lockout.
a²+b²=c² This user is an intermediate mathematician.
Rose 2sin(4theta).svg This user thinks polar coordinates are pretty.
Metric seal.svg This user prefers the metric system.

?met? This user prefers metric units and cannot figure out why Americans have such a hard time with them.
ft-lb-0 This user does not use U.S. Customary Units (or does not wish to use U.S. Customary Units).
1+1=10 This user likes binary.
5+5=10 This user likes decimal.
8+8=10 This user likes hexadecimal.
This user knows by heart the first 80 digits in the decimal representation of pi.
Answer to Life.png This user knows the Ultimate Answer.
Musical note nicu bucule 01.svg This user likes most types of music.
cRap This user can't stand rap music.
Gamepad.svg This user enjoys computer and video game music outside gaming.
Masterkeyboard.jpg This user enjoys electronic music.
Musical note nicu bucule 01.svg This user is a MIDI collector.
Fx This user is interested in the natural sciences.
Fx This user is interested in Space Sciences.
Phonetik.svg This user is interested in linguistics.
Rutherford atom.svg This user has a keen interest in physics.
World lines and world sheet.svg
This user is interested in String Theory.
This user enjoys tracking weather, and might have a personal weather station.
Humour mouth.png This user enjoys reading humorous literature.
Alice through the looking glass.jpg This user enjoys reading Fantasy.
Science fiction.svg This user enjoys reading science fiction.
ConfederateLincoln.png This user enjoys reading alternate history fiction.
Isaac.Asimov01.jpg This user's hero is Isaac Asimov.
Félix Nadar 1820-1910 portraits Jules Verne.jpg
This user knows who the true Father of Science Fiction is.
Cthulhu This user is interested in the Great Old One.
7+1 This user enjoys the Discworld series.
Sossusvlei oPEYRE.jpg This user is a fan of Dune.
ALIEN This user will never look at dinner the same way again.
Matrix This user took the red pill, not the blue pill.
Melange This user has a spice addiction.
STAR WARS This user would shoot Greedo first.
PAL This user's television receives PAL/PAL-variant transmissions, or lives in a region where they are broadcast.
This user is a fan of the reimagined Battlestar Galactica series.
o_O This user is a moderate fan of anime.
^^ This user is a moderate fan of manga.
Comic-sketch.jpg This user enjoys comics.
Smiley.svg This user wonders who is watching the Watchmen
Webcomics This user reads webcomics.
R This user is a Ravenclaw.