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"This world is an uncertain realm, filled with danger. Honor undermined by the pursuit of power, freedom sacrificed when the weak are oppressed by the strong. But, there are those who oppose these powerful forces, who dedicate their lives to truth, honor, and freedom..."

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"Scientists should never be as wedded to their theories that they are no longer capable of refuting them in the light of new findings, scientific research is all about results, not beliefs." Reinhard Hüttl, head of the German Research Center for Geosciences and the president of the German Academy of Science and Engineering,

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Wikipedia is an encyclopedia[edit]

Wikipedia is an encyclopedia.
An encyclopedia is a written compendium of knowledge.
Wikipedia is freely available, and incorporates elements of
general and specialized encyclopedias, almanacs, and gazetteers.
Wikipedia is not limited by paper.
Wikipedia is not a dumping ground for random information.
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Wikipedia is not for medical advice or guidance.
Wikipedia is not a bureaucracy.
Wikipedia is not a soapbox.
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Wikipedia is not censored.
Wikipedia is not a web directory.
Wikipedia is not a democracy.
Wikipedia is not a free advertising space.
Wikipedia is not an anarchy.
Wikipedia is not a place to publish your opinions.
Wikipedia is not a place to publish your own ideas.
Wikipedia is not nearly this in-your-face most of the time.

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To go some day:

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Idea and layout "acquired" from Pontificalibus, who pilfered it from Dandelion1, who lifted it from Harro5, who took it from Salsb, who stole it from Guettarda who borrowed it from White Cat, as seen on Calton's page and StuffOfInterest's page, whew.

Domestic travels[edit]

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Degen Earthfast is fluent in his native language English and speaks, reads and writes at a professional level. He has also studied Italian and Spanish academically for education, employment, and traveling. he is trying to learn Romanian and is a student of Anglish See The Anglish Moot.

"There are four hundred meanings to the word Ook." Terry Pratchett


This User is most definately a Minarchist!!!

In civics, minarchism (sometimes called minimal statism,[1] small government, or limited-government libertarianism[2]) refers to a political ideology which maintains that the state's only legitimate function is the protection of individuals from aggression.[2][3] Minarchists defend the existence of the state as a necessary evil,[1][4] but assert that it may only act to protect the life, liberty, and property of each individual.

A minarchist state would therefore consist of very few branches/parts of government, in the most minimal way - such as, for an example, courts (but not necessarily). Generally, minarchists identify themselves within the broader propertarian libertarian movement.

Them Romans[edit]

"...apart from the sanitation, medicine, education, wine, public order, irrigation, roads, the fresh water system and public health, what have the Romans ever done for us?"

"They made it safe to walk the streets at night." "Remember what it was like here before?", "Yeah, it wasn't safe to walk the streets at night." and "Lets face it, only the Romans could keep peace in a place like this."

"Brought peace?"

Cold War[edit]

An oxymoron? I remember that the Soviet Union and Communist China were once, and some would say still are, "the" Evil empires of the world. I remember seeing the Fall of the Berlin Wall on TV. The cold war fascinates me, what if we still had the Soviet Union, what would the world be like today? Would Soviet citizens be allowed on the Internet? Would they write blogs? I like how they were always trying to copy the west. Here is a table with a list of examples:

Western world Eastern bloc
Encyclopædia Britannica Great Soviet Encyclopedia (1926)
Olympic Games Spartakiad (1928)
B-29 Superfortress Tupolev Tu-4 (1940s)
Vickers VC-10 Ilyushin Il-62 (1963)
Concorde Tupolev Tu-144 (1968)
Boeing 707 Model 120 Shanghai Y-10 (1970s)
Space Shuttle program Shuttle Buran (1976)
XB-70 Valkyrie Sukhoi T-4
2001: A Space Odyssey Solaris (movie) (See Solaris (movie)#Solaris and 2001)
Western movie Ostern (1957)
European Economic Community Comecon (1949)
Nobel Peace Prize Stalin Peace Prize (1949)
NATO Warsaw Pact (1955)
Fat Man Joe 1 (1949)
BBC World Service Radio Moscow World Service (1980s)
James Bond Stirlitz
IBM System/360 ES EVM (1968)
IBM PC ES PEVM (1980s)
Unix MOS (operating system) (1980s)
PDP-11/40 SM-4 (1970s)
PDP-11/34+ SM-1420


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