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Indian Dave
Indian Dave tweaking his Nipples after the Vietnam war
BornError: Need valid year, month, day
Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
ResidenceAhmedabad, Gujarat, India
OccupationChairman of Dave Corp
Known forFounder and Chairman of the Dave Corp
Net worthIncrease Rs. 699 willies (May, 2015)[1][2]
ChildrenAnus Ron the 7th

Origin Story[edit]

Indian Dave came into existence in a little shack on the highest mountain between North Korean and Indian border on 25th of January. Ancient chronicles mention that it rained semen that day, and goats sang a song of a great leader that was coming. Everyone in the close vicinity of the mountain suddenly grew a mustache and got fat.

And thus Indian Dave was born.

Dave Corp[edit]

Indian Dave founded Dave Corp in 1503 after he realized his village idiots were out of work and had no money and took it upon himself to make sure they had a good life. They originally specialized in making meth but after a rival gang in Albuquerque were succeeding with their blue meth, switched to creating super mutant animals. They started small, testing on bunny rabbits, cats and turtles. Their first successful animal was made in 1505 with the creation of Monty, a hybrid between a robot, a cat and a terrorist. Their second success with a turtle, infusing a tiny turban into its cranium. While testing on a bunny, some of the turtle's blood got into a vial and ended up creating a hybrid between the bunny and turtle DNA, creating a robot bunny with down syndrome. In august, 1514, their underground lab was bombed by flying wiggers who were attempting to wipe out the village. Dave took it upon himself to avenge those who were murdered and joined the Indian Militia. The bombings on the village caused India to split in Half. He claimed the half with his village on, naming it Daveia, and the other half remained as India.

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